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11-X by LGI Supplements


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11-X by LGI Supplements

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Are you Looking to Reduce fat, Improve Strength, and Harden Muscles?
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Product Description

11-X by LGI Supplements

Are you ready to start seeing your abs?

Do you want to turn heads at the beach when you take your shirt off?

LGI has created a product just for you, say hello to 11-X by LGI!

LGI has established themselves as one of the top prohormone companies in the industry, and they don’t joke around, the only produce the purest and most effective products.

11-X by LGI is designed to help you increase lean muscle mass, reduce fat, along with boosting your libido.


What are the active ingredients of 11-X by LGI?

11-X – Also known as Adrenosterone, this compound works as a cortisol inhibitor. Cortisol is an anti-catabolic hormone that actually promotes fat gain. High cortisol levels actually results in lowering your testosterone levels. Using 11-X will allow your body to carry out the important functions of cortisol, while negating the negative effects.


What are the benefits of 11-X by LGI?

-Increases Lean Mass

-Increases Strength

-Reduces Fat

-Non-methylated (low liver toxicity)

-Boosts libido


Important note about 11-X

Most users report that the most effective dosage for 11-X to be anywhere from 250-500 mg per day. To cater to this, we have added an additional discount for you. Buy 2 or more bottles of 11-X by LGI and get it for the reduced price of $29.95. 

Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 1 Capsule
 Servings per container: 75
 Amounts per serving%DV
4-androst-3,11,17-trione 75mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established    

 Other Ingredients:maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, sikcon dioxide 


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