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After Shock Post Workout by Myogenix

After Shock Post Workout by Myogenix



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The key to unlimited muscle growth!


After Shock Post Workout by Myogenix  

Are you sore, ache,and  exhausted after you workouts?

Do you often skip your next workout because you haven't fully recovered?

The team at Myogenix brings you their newest supplement to help you fight through the pain so you can stay motivated on your fitness journey!!!

Aftershock Post Workout by Myogenix is the ultimate Post-Workout recovery supplement in the game,

The key to muscle growth is taking full advantage of your anabolic window.

The anabolic window is 30 minutes prior to your workouts. During this 30 minute window your body is primed for rapid muscle growth.

Aftershock Post Workout contains critical and necessary nutrients for muscle growth and muscle recovery.

How does AfterShock Post workout work?

This advanced formula takes advantage of the bodies anabolic window which supports muscle growth and  recovery.  AfterShock contains 34g Lactose Free protein. 30g mass building carbohydrates. 8g amino stack, patented Creatine & glutamine chelates.

Whey Protein: Contains 34g of fast absorbing protein which support muscle growth. This lactose free protein provides your muscle with a pure source of  protein after your workouts.

Carbohydrates: After every workout your body is lacking Glycogen. After Shock contains 34g  of mass building carbohydrates which replenish glycogen.

Amino Acids:Are the building blocks for protein synthesis. BCAA are mandatory for muscle growth and recovery. The Amino Stack contains 4 essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, and Arginine.  

Creatine: Creatine is debatably one of the most important supplements for building muscle mass. Magnesium Creatine Chelate is a fast digesting creatine that holds little to no water retention.  

How should AfterShock be dosed?   


Mix one serving of AfterShock (80g) with 12 to 16 oz of water and consume immediately after exercising. For Total Body Transformation, use HyperShock pre-workout, and MyoLean Evolution.

What are the benefits of AfterShock Post Workout?

- Muscle Growth

-Muscle Recovery


-Increase Strength

-Great Taste  






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Schwartz Verified Buyer February 28, 2013
I am never sore the next day when I take my After Shock
  • The best part of After Shock is that it takes care of me the next day. The berry flavor is pretty good, not great but I keep buying it. The main benefit of this protien post workout is that I keep my gains and I feel ready to workout the next day.
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damien Verified Buyer April 19, 2012
backs up all the hype
  • didn't expect it to work as good as i though, definatly works better then any protein available. I only used one scoop per serving and still gave me good results. best post supp ever madeeeee
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walter Verified Buyer April 13, 2012
  • Aftershock is killer. i had to order a second one in less than a week, even though im still on my first one. the taste is incredible and the results lets get real cant compare to any protein drink. because this actually tastes good....
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Unknown Verified Buyer September 5, 2013
Good Stuff!
  • By far the best post workout supplement I have ever used and I've used many
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 j.c Verified Buyer September 6, 2013
this stuff gets it done
  • i have tried them all and after shock gets it done !!! if you want results without pro-hormones and other more extreme measures this will deliver. i put on some serious size quickly and safely. try it, and you will become a believer.
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Big Leezy Verified Buyer September 24, 2013
  • I'll tell you why I like this product... It's something different. Protein levels are slightly lower than other products, but we don't always have to take 40 or 50 grams at a time. I think 2 scoops of this stuff is like 34 or something. I usually use milk with my proteins, or a mix of milk and water. But this says use water. It's a good way to keep things a bit lighter. And it is so important to take lots of water, especially if you are running creatine. I would definitely recommend this for a creatine cycle or for those trying to define more than build.
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6 Item(s)