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Turn the Heat Up on Your Fat Loss!
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Product Description


Alpha T-2 by PES


90 Caps


-Targeted Fat Destroyer
-Clean Fat Burning All Day Long
-Increase Metabolism and Thyroid Output
-Full Body Fat Loss
-Super Thermogenic
-Extremely Versatile and Stackable
-PURE Powerful Ingredients


ALPHA-T2 is a clean jitter free blend of three POWERFUL pure ingredients that are combined at the perfect dosages.

Whether you are trying to drop weight fast or in the middle of a lean recomp phase, ALPHA-T2 needs to be part of your supplement life style.

Physique Enhancing Sciences didn’t jam a bunch of ingredients at unknown doses into every capsule as we could. We didn’t stuff it full of caffeine to make you think that the more jitters and crash you have means that its working. Aplpha T-2 products are formulated as a result of science and the amount of each ingredient is the full and effective and proper dose.


Alpha-T2 is the first product that can effectively:

  • Target Fat Loss 
  • Provide Full Body Fat Loss 
  • Combine multiple fat loss pathways in the body for an even greater effect – synergy at its finest. 
  • Give powerful fat loss without any caffeine crash and jitters

This product has found its own category in a rather washed out market of fat burners and diet pills.

Alpha-T2 uses new innovative stimulants that are designed for one goal: Give its users the fat loss benefits of powerful stimulants without the side effects associated with stimulant based fat burners.

Alpha T-2 does this by because there is no caffeine or 1,3-dimethylamylaminein it. Second, it uses new innovative ingredients that closely target the fat burning pathways and do not target the pathways associated with the side effects of stimulants. And third, it includes pure T2, a powerful non-stimulant fat burning ingredient. 




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Is this product non hormonal?
Would it be ok to stack Alpha T-2 with a stimulant based fat burner such as Hydroxyelite?
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Unknown Verified Buyer December 20, 2012
Worked well with ephedra product
  • Using this sup during a 10 week cutting cycle. Along with a good diet and cardio 5 days a week. Workout in the morning with a preworkout sup. Took Alpha T2 preworkout and early afternoon. Lost 34 lbs of body weight, 5 inches off my waist.Two weeks to go. Took Black Mamba once per day @ noon also. good combo.
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