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Epi 2A3A (EPISTANE) by Vital Labs

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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 120
 Amount per serving%DV
Epistane 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol 10mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established    

 Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Dicalcium, Phosphate, and Magnesium Sterate

Product Description

Epi 2a3a (Epistane) by Vital Labs 120 caps

Are you looking for a solid prohormone that offers great results with minimal sides? Do you desire a solid shredded body and need to have it in just 30 days? Do you want lean hard muscle gains with a reduction of estrogen? If the answers to these questions is yes then you need the #1 Ranked Cutting Prohormone on the market today! 

Epi 2a3a provides you with lean hard muscle gains in just 30 days. Don't just take our word for it, read the 100 plus reviews of people who transformed their bodies and are showing it off at any chance they get!  


What kind of results can I expect when using Epi 2a3a by Vital Labs?

User's are reporting:

-Lean Mass Increases

-Increases in Strength

-Increases in Libido

-Decreases in Body Fat

-Decreases in Water Retention

-Reduced Estrogen 

-Increased Muscle Hardness

-Increases in Vascularity


What makes Epi 2a3a by Vital Labs so "Popular?"

Epi 2a3a is the most potent, strongest, and purest Epistane product on the market, but Epi 2a3a’s trump card boils down to one thing… effectiveness!!!

One of the reasons for Epi 2a3a’s popularity is its versatility. It can be used in any cycle and can help you achieve almost any goal. If you are looking to cut, just make sure you are at a calorie deficit and watch yourself get shredded. If you are looking to add on lean muscle, make sure your diet is clean and that you are consuming more than you burn, and witness a transformation!

Don't take our word for it, check out the 100+ reviews!


What are the ingredients of Epi 2a3a?

Epistane - Epistane is derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is an anti-estrogenic dry compound. A lot of excess fat is due to excess estrogen, Epistane will actually decrease estrogen through aromatase inhibition, which means Epistane prohormones are fantastic cutters!

On the other side of the coin, Epistane will bind to your androgen receptors which leads to changes in your muscle cell’s function. These changes result in increases in your muscle’s potential for growth and repair. Epistane will allow you to push beyond your genetic potential! 


Can I stack Epi 2a3a with other Prohormones? 


Yes you can! Stacking should only be done by experienced prohormone user's who have done at least one cycle in the past 6 months.

If your goal is to increase strength while leaning out and hardening your muscles stack Epi 2a3a with Halo-V by Vital Labs

If your goal is to bulk up, you will want to stack Epi 2a3a with Powerdrol 10 by Vital Labs

For extra dry lean gains and water shedding you can stack Stano-Shred by Vital Labs with Epi 2a3a.



Suggestions for use of Epi 2a3a:

Most users will run Epi 2A3A for 1-6 weeks starting with a 10-20 mg dosage for the first 2 days. The remainder of the cycle varies depending on desired results. Some users will ramp their cycle up week by week starting by taking 10-20 mg for the first week and increasing daily intake by an additional 10mg each week for 4 weeks ending at 40 mg daily. We suggest that for your last few days/week that you taper your dosage back down to 20 mg. 

Epi 2a3a is one of the mildest methylated prohormones, but that is no reason to overlook taking an on cycle support. Consider the fact that most people tend to run Epistane at a dosage amount much higher than the recommended amount, therefore, proper support is even more essential. Your best value option is going to be Protex by Vital Labs.

Due to the fact that Epi 2a3a is a dry gainer and a cutter, a common side effect during cycle is dry joints. Your body will be shedding water like crazy! Drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day, and take a joint supplement so you don't get achy joints from them drying out. Joint and Tissue by Myogenix is your best option for this.

Aside from dry joints, the only real side effect is "Rebound Gyno," but if this occurs it is after the prohormone cycle. This means that your body has experienced a very high suppression from estrogen that when your body is off the prohormone it produces an excessive amount of estrogen to compensate, thus leading to estrogen related side effects like Gynecomastia. This is an uncommon side effect, but when it does occur it is typically due to user's running it at an extremely high dosage (50 mg+ per day). To help combat this, it is suggested that you use Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs for your PCT as it has Indol-3-carbinol, which helps convert bad estrogen to good estrogen. 

If you are extremely concerned about Rebound Gyno, during your PCT stack Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs with Estrogenex by Hi-Tech Pharmacueticals or Estro Strike by Assault Labs.

Make sure once you have completed your prohormone cycle that you take an additional 30 days off before starting another cycle. Feel free to Contact the Pros at if you need support with your cycle or need help planning your next one!


Recent Reviews for Epi 2a3a by Vital Labs: 

Far Exceeded Expectations Review by strooperx

Wow! First ever PH cycle for me. Expected to put on 5lbs or so and improve overall muscle tone. I went from around 215 or 220lbs to 237! Seemed to kick in at the end of the 2nd week. I actually nearly stopped on the 4th week because it was working too well. Friends and family were calling me out for using steroids. No significant side effects - I was tired most of the time, and into the 4th week my muscles would cramp up really easy when I flexed them. Otherwise, I felt great. I was able to work out far sooner than usual, and got major pumps in the gym. The muscle I put on is lean, toned, and hard as a rock. I understand my results are not typical, but I 100% would recommend, and will try again.(Posted on 10/10/13)

Epi 2A3A Excellent Review by Mike
Epi 2A3A was amazing. I've been lifting for 17 years and have never had results like this. After 1 week, you could already feel it kicking in. I was lifting 275 and shot up to 305. At the same time, I was eating everything (not always clean) but leaned out and dried up like crazy. Abs came out, striations, and muscle definition. I would highly recommend this product. (Posted on 9/24/13)

Gained 12 pounds of lean muscle, boosted my bench 45 pounds, increased stamina and libido.
Very few side effects, other than 1 or 2 days of back pumps and a migraine was the cycle was completed.
** Must take a cycle support product and a good PCT **
Beginners may not see results until week 3, depends on your dosage and experience using Epistane.
Beginner dosing week 1 & 2 (2 per day) week 3 (3 per day) weeks 4-5 + 3 days (4 per day). Advanced users week 1-4 (3 or 4 per day)
(Posted on 6/4/13)




Do not use this product if you are under 21 years of age. Do not use this product if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other physical and/or psychiatric conditions.  Keep stored in a cool dry place away from children.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Can I use epi 2a3a during a bulking cycle? How many calories should I aim for?
I am taking medication for high blood pressure, is epi 2a 3a safe for me? I am considering stacking it with powerdrol.
I am taking Epi 2a3a for my first prohormone cycle. How should I take it each day (with or without meals and timing)?
I'm about to start my Epi cycle and I was wondering if I could continue taking my normal supplements like creatine, multivitamins, fish oil, and pre-workout along with Epistane?
What is the best dosage of Epi to take for beginners and for how many weeks? Trying to build the most size and strength.
Can I stack Mentabolan with Epistane? If so, how should I take them?
Do I need to take an estrogen blocker during my PCT if I'm only running the Epi2a3a at 30mg?
How long will Epi 2a3a stay in my system?
Can I use epi 2a3a while taking a of the self fat burner? I will be using Ketolean and phenadren (nutrishop products) stacked with Epi 2a3a. I'm a healthy male and was wondering if it's safe to take these together?
Can Epi 2a3a be taken along with Deer Antler?
Can I take liver guard during the cycle without minimizing its affects ?
When using 1-andro as base supplement, what mg should it be ran at?
Can I stack Epi 2a3a with Epi 2.0?
Can I stack Epi 2a3a along with injectable testosterone prescribed by my doctor?
How much of your gains will you keep once you have finished your pct?
I have read on many websites that Epistane can cause hair loss. This is my main concern so I wanted to know if its true?
I am 34 years old, 5'10", weigh about 174 lbs, and I am looking to do my first PH cycle. Would Epistane or MSTEN be a better choice for bulking? What is the Anabolic to Androgenic ratio for each and which would be a better choice to prevent gyno symptoms?
I can't decide between Epi 2a3a and Msten Extreme. Is one better than the other?
Does Epistane make you break out or get more acne?
Does Epi-2a3a help you lose fat ? Do I need to be in deficit to lose body fat?
I'm stacking Msten with Epi. What should the dose be?
Can you drink alcohol while using Epi 2a3a?
I have high blood pressure and my friend has HIV. Would be still be able to use this supplement?
Should Epi 2a3a be taken before a workout or after? With food or without? How far apart should it be taken if I'm taking 3 capsules per day?
I was wondering about running a 2 month cycle. I haven't run one before but am looking into starting with EPI 2A3A, then following with EPI 2A3A again stacked with Haldrol. I was wondering what the usual dosage would be when stacking them together for each, or if I'd be better doing one at a time. Thanks.
Quick question. Im going to run epi for 6 weeks. 4 weeks at 30mg and the last two weeks at 20 and 10mg then use nolva for pct at 25mg. i know nolva doesnt destroy estrogen, justs blocks it. And epi was already lowering my estrogen. So, i was wondering if the estrogen will just build up and rebound after since my estrogen has been lowered from the epi and then blocked off with nolva and im shut down and all that. or is it fine with that as my cycle and pct?
I bought epistane from this website I'm currently using it I notice I'm going to the bathroom more frequently . I'm worried about my kidneys is ther a supplement you sell for kidney protection.
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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 120
 Amount per serving%DV
Epistane 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol 10mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established    

 Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Dicalcium, Phosphate, and Magnesium Sterate

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Unknown Verified Buyer September 5, 2013
Astonishing product
  • Have you ever had a girlfriend that left you and you didn't know what to do? Thats how i felt when i took my last pill of Epistane.

    This is a profound pro-hormone. For starters, I'm 20 and this was the first pro-hormone iv'e ever done. The goal of mine was to pack on some muscle and shred my excess fat. I was assuming my weight of 170LB was going to be dropped about 10LBS. But in all reality i gained 15LBS of rock hard muscle putting me at weight of 185LBS. While cutting 5-7% body fat, and don't get me wrong here I had a insanely strict diet. I copied some of my girls meal plans for her upcoming bodybuilding show lol. Lean sources of protein were (AM: Whey protein shake, Tuna, Chicken, Quest bars, Lean red meat, ground turkey and for nighttime a Casein slow digesting 8 hour release protein shake). 6 low carb days (under 100 carbs) and 1 re-feed day (Sundays at 250+). I was eating my food like a mad man and turned into the hulk at my gym when i had intense training days. I would do cardio 5 times a week, do cardio in the morning and muscle groups at 5:30PM with the boys.

    A follow up of my results on this cutting pro-hormone was a bench press max of 275LBs at the body weight of 170LBs, sky rocketing to 330LBs at 185LBs. Squats went from 315LBs set of 2-3reps to 405 (maxing set). Another thing i want to touch face on is the amount of vascularity that has happened the past month. WOW, it's disgusting- I have a formula 1 race track on my arms and legs. Im talking from the ankle all the way up my quadriceps. And My transversals, AKA "Money makers" have the most vascularity, which is a girls favorite part of the body, Score. lol.

    I have been asked by, i kid you not, ATLEAST 10 different people if im "juicing" or taking steroids. And how blunt they were about it is just mind-blowing. On my 5th and final week I got that question at-least 2 times a day. And it's the most rewarding-(fuck you haters) feeling that you can get, baby! This product has a insane amount of potential if your willing to train dirty and eat clean. I busted my ass on this shit and I have people coming up to me for steroids now at the gym, that i don't even know on a personal level. Just keep your mouth shut and let the Epistane do the talking.

    Ahhh, the PCT. The hands-down MOST IMPORTANT part of this experience. I have talked to a lot of people in and out the gym about there takes on PCT. If you want a promising resurrection of your natural testerone levels, then go get some fucking Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and don't be a dumb-ass. Brutal honesty is needed for this topic because I can't stress enough over the amount of idiots that said "fuck a pct" or did it wrong. Second off, stack a testorone booster to with your PCT to make it as potent as possible. IF your PCT is right and i said "IF", then you will NOT plateau after your on-cycle and continue to sky-rocket in the gym and fuck shit up.

    This was my awesome experience on Epistane and I hope I was able to help all of you idiots that do steroids, like me. Because there fucking awesome. I'll be doing a bulking pro-hormone this December after 2 months rest from my Epi, Hope you guys make fantastic gains.
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donald Verified Buyer February 26, 2014
  • short and easy what to know what everyone wont tell you!!!!!


    -Gnarly gains started to kick in week 3-5
    -fat loss and muscle gains
    -strength gains
    -bench increased from 160-185 for reps to 225-235 bench for reps
    -squats doubled
    -curling increased from 35 for reps to 45-60 for reps

    -you get the most gnarly food cravings.. when you are hungry YOU GET HUNGRY. to the point where it hurts.
    -weeks 3-5 YOU GET HORRIBLE JOINT PAINS!!! woke up from sleeping on my side just like usual and my shoulder felt like it was popped out of its socket... MAKE SURE YOU START ON A GOOD CYCLE SUPPORT AND AMAZING FISH OILS AND JOINT SUPPORT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF YOUR CYCLE SO IT KICKS IN TO HELP YOU DURING YOUR END OF YOUR CYCLE

    Side note(s):
    -with proper diet and cardio you will get shredded depending on your body fat starting % (mine was about 10%)

    -stack with halo or clen and you will see crazy results


    overall amazing product
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D Verified Buyer February 7, 2014
click for full-size image
Works as advertised
  • In short - It works

    My honest review in detail -

    First off, great website. They shipped my products to Europe in only 4 days! I was impressed.

    I have weight trained for years. However, after a few months off I started up again and was gaining 1kg of muscle/week naturally for 3 months until I hit a hard plateau. I decided to try my first cycle and chose Epistane since it's known to be mild.

    I started my cycle at 91kg (200lbs), 11% BF and now about to start my pct after 5 weeks on Epi. I ran it 30/30/40/40/40 spaced evenly throughout the day. I am now 99kg (218lbs) and 10% BF. I can definitely notice the weight gain however it doesn't look like 8kg's worth, likely from increased muscle density.

    My diet was near perfect, in a surplus of 4000-4500 kcal/day and 250g of lean protein. I worked out hard 6x a week and got lots of rest otherwise. I wanted to see the limits of what this PH could do.

    My experience -
    I didn't feel it really kick in until day 16, later than I was expecting. Half of the weight I gained was in the first week, probably water however I stayed dry. My strength improved mildly in the last 2 weeks but nothing major.

    Pro's -
    -A very noticeable increase in muscle hardness and a CONSTANT pump. After an 8hr sleep I would wake up with arms that are full and hard like steel bars. A bigger pump than even after my best arm workouts previously.
    -I also noticed a mild but noticeable increase in aggression and confidence which I liked. I would get easily annoyed with a very short fuse. Overall I felt more powerful and energized.
    Notable increase in muscle mass, definition and striation, particularly in my arms, shoulders and chest.
    -I am in my 20's but I have a receding hairline which halted during this cycle.

    Con's -
    -Immediately I started experiencing off and on lethargy that continued daily throughout the cycle. I would go through a daily roller coaster of energy and motivation, followed by extreme fatigue/tiredness and laziness. It wasn't until the 5th week that this leveled off (as my body adjusted).
    - Once it kicked in around day 16 I started getting extremely dehydrated. I would drink about 8 litres of water each day and still feel thirsty. My toilet got a good workout. Make sure to always have a water bottle with you! You will need it. It wasn't until the 4th week that I realized a lot of my lethargy and headaches could be remedied with drinking even more water.
    -My libido increased slightly for the first 2 weeks (which I loved) but then dropped off quickly to the point where I almost had constant ED issues (I'm in my mid 20's). This is my biggest complaint with Epi as with all the new attention I was gaining, when girls kept asking to come back to my place, I had to come up with excuses why they couldn't because I knew I would have ED.
    -With my loss of libido I lost some of my motivation and drive for training, but kept going anyways.
    -My sleep quality declined immediately and stayed poor throughout the cycle, it made me restless. In the last 2 weeks I was so dry that I would wake up every 2 hours feeling like a mummy and desperately needed to drink a bottle of water.
    -No cramps, no back pumps (but I did supplement with Taurine so that helped a lot, recommended), no joint pain (I used fish oils and a joint aid supp)

    Overall -
    -I am satisfied with my results with Epi and would consider another cycle in the future. I am really going to miss this insane pump that I've gotten used to and how hard my muscles are constantly. It definitely broke my plateau which is what I was looking for.
    I am about to start my pct (with PostCycle 3x and Nolvadex) and hoping to maintain most of my gains. For now though I am looking forward to my libido returning, being easily hydrated again, and getting some good nights of sleep.

    Remember your on cycle liver support, have your pct ready and I would recommend taurine and fish oils to prevent sides. This stuff works!
  • Increased muscle gain, extreme muscle pump and density.
  • Dehydration, lethargy, sleep issues.
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Ole Guy Verified Buyer September 1, 2013
Legit as it gets. HIGHLY recommended
  • Gained about 16 lbs in 4 weeks on this monster. I don't know why it's labeled a "Cutting Prohormone". Was a lean, dry gainer for me at 3 pills per day. Regrettably, I eat garbage all day and mix in 2-3 protein shakes. I'm not one of those guys eating 12 chicken breasts and 8 lbs of brown rice all day long. I'm just not that organized yet.

    The only sides I experienced were, in order from most to least:
    1. Cramps. If I moved the wrong way, I cramped somewhere. This is more my negligence since I didn't drink as much water as was instructed.
    2. Lethargy. Perhaps 3 days out of the entire cycle I just didn't wanna do anything. Fine by me. I just took a day off of the gym and listened to my body.

    That's it! No scary sides like hair loss, gyno, road rage, impotence, insomnia, etc.

    Friends and family thought I was up to something. One co-worker pulled me to the side and asked, "Dude, what you gettin' so swole on like that?" LOL

    So this stuff is perfect for novices like me, especially at 41 yrs old. Will definitely order another bottle after my 1 month PCT cycle.

    Do yourself a favor and order some before it's banned...because it works too good and 'big pharmacy' doesn't approve without getting their palms greased first.
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JA20 Verified Buyer March 27, 2014
Amazing Product
  • This was my first PH I've ever taken and it was amazing. I played it safe and ran my cycle at 10/20/20/30 since I'm still in my early 20s. This product actually increased my overall quality of life. I slept better, libido went up, recovery was crazy, i lost fat, i got more defined, i even think i got bigger while losing fat. I had a great run with this stuff and still have enough pills left for another full cycle in the summer. It sucks that you have to cycle off of this because i would take it all the time if i could. Also, the customer service was great. I like the texting feature to get a hold of customer service. Overall, amazing product. Would suggest to anyone
  • no side (gyno, acne, rage, decreased libido, etc)
    lost fat
    built muscle
    better sleep
    better life in general
  • nothing
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JASON Verified Buyer November 19, 2013
Nearing 40 and feeling like a kid again
  • This product was my 1st PH ever used.. I cycled for 5 weeks with doses 14/21/28/28/28... If I take this EPI again I am going to increase the does and drop it to a 4 week cycle not 5 weeks... The strength increases were outstanding, increased libido makes you feel like a porn star and the pumped muscle feel is awesome... I didn't see much added weight but I did lose inches in my waist. I dropped 2 sizes and maintained the weight where I started 225#, I increased my weight to 235# by week 5 and have since dropped back to around 228#.... My bench and squats max increased 15% and I have been able to maintain 90% of my gains in weight ans strength.. I feel like I am 25 again.... Zero to no sides except joint stiffness
  • Low cost and very effective
  • nothing
  • Sick Results Jason!

    Epi2a3a comes in doses of 10mg, so I am assuming when you are saying you did 14/21/28/28/28, you are referring to the amount of caps you took per week. So that would be 20/30/40/40/40mg.
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MTurn Verified Buyer February 11, 2014
  • This being my first PH, I decided to take it slow and started Epi at 10mg the first 2 days, then 20mg the next 5 days followed by 30 mg for the next week, then I bumped it up to 40mg for the rest of the 5 week cycle. While "on" I didn't notice how much it was affecting me until I went "off". I definitely had increased pumps and vascularity and although I was pretty lethargic in general the whole cycle, as long as I could force myself to lift, then I was extremely energetic and motivated while working out. I'll be keeping Epi 2a3a on hand to do again in the future especially after coming "off" and realizing how different I had felt while "on". The confidence, pumps, etc just was not there anymore. So hoping to keep gains with proper PCT. Plus, I didn't break out until AFTER I came off Epi. is an awesome website too btw. I received this product in 2 days and I'm in the SE US. I've ordred from them again since then and again received the product super fast. I love this website!
  • -Great pumps
    -increased vascularity
    -increased size
  • -very lethargic (but sometimes I'm that way anyway)
    -when I came off, I felt like crap a little bit
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JASON Verified Buyer June 4, 2013
  • Gained 12 pounds of lean muscle, boosted my bench 45 pounds, increased stamina and libido.
    Very few side effects, other than 1 or 2 days of back pumps and a migraine was the cycle was completed.
    ** Must take a cycle support product and a good PCT **
    Beginners may not see results until week 3, depends on your dosage and experience using Epistane.
    Beginner dosing week 1 & 2 (2 per day) week 3 (3 per day) weeks 4-5 + 3 days (4 per day). Advanced users week 1-4 (3 or 4 per day)
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Mr. Sims Verified Buyer December 27, 2012
By far the best and safest.....
  • This is the best bang for the buck with the least sides and potential damage on your boys....I am 42 and this just made me feel 21 all over again. Let me explain.....(1) My libido is out of the roof...I want it more, go longer, stay harder, and then want to go again...T.M.I....sorry! (2) My muscles are primed and pumped all day long....My lifts are up, I'm leaner, and I do feel like the man in the gym although I don't act I have the best sleep, back pumps are non-existant...I believe to stay with a dose that gives you results and stay for me it's at 30 mg's a day...20 on my non training, effective, and on point...I hated the old superdrol run I did...i felt horrible sides,lethargy, and the gains just didnt stick around and I have been training for 20 plus from a veteran's perspective this is good for the long haul and gentlemen longevity is the key...good safe...and prosper.
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Army guy Verified Buyer May 9, 2014
The pill that solved my pain
  • I am in the military. I used epi by vital labs and had to stop after 3 weeks. I lost an inch off my waist and gained 2 inches on my neck. My biceps went up an inch. I just started my second cycle. I'm hoping to put on 15 pounds of lean muscle. I felt like **** the first week. It is completely worth it. Week 2 and 3 I had to double up on fish oil. The joints got dry. Amazing product. I emailed the world anti doping agency and they said that I would not piss hot for epi by vital labs. Lastly epi helped me build the smaller muscle fibers around a combat injury in my shoulder. I have a Kevlar and Teflon anchor installed on my shoulder. After almost 3 years of daily pain I no longer suffer. I haven't had pain in over a month and I lift heavy dumbbells with no problem. Good luck on your epi run. I'm stacking this one with stano shred and lean 650.

    Do it.
  • It works.
  • Felt pretty tired the first week and had some headaches. Only lasted a week until I got used to it. I also don't like that I had to stop using it. The muscle pumps are so addicting.
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