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Halo-25 by LGI 60 caps Halodrol

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Product Description

Halo-25 by LGI 

60 Capsules

Halodrol is a dry compound that produces hard lean muscle gains without any water retention. 

Halo-25 is one of the most popular, most used compounds on the market today and is the go to compound for people who want the lean muscle gains and muscle hardening with low side effects. 

This compound can be used for cutting or bulking depending on the diet and training of the user.

Halo-25 is a great value when you consider other Halodrol products are going for 2x the price.

Halo-25 has been tested for quality and purity.



Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 1 Capsule
 Servings per container: 60
 Amounts per serving%DV
4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol 25mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established    


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kylereece Verified Buyer July 29, 2013
Not Bad for Starters......
  • This was my first experience with a PH and after a considerable amount of research I figured out this was a good one to start with.

    I took a six week cycle breakdown being 50/75/75/75/75/75. I've read some people take it up to 100 during the last two weeks or so but I was weary of side effects and determined that going up in dosage wasn't really necessary.I took the first dosage at about 7 am and the second at around 3 pm.

    pct is Clomid 50/50/25/25, Musclepharm Creatine, DAA, Vital Labs Post Cycle 3X

    Support supps were Cycle Assist (throughout pre, intra and post cycle), Fish oil, taurine, glucosamine, Vitamin C and for my protein Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.

    What I noticed with Halo-25 almost immediatedly was the insane pumps. This I could definitely feel pretty much from the first workout. That was present throughout the first two weeks of taking this although I didnt see any significant size or strength gains during this time. I did however notice considerable disruptions to my sleep cycle and an increased level of lethargy. The sleep issues I was able to correct with a combo of melatonin and valerian root. The lethargy stayed throughout the cycle to varying degrees.

    Somewhere between the third and fourth weeks was when this product started to kick in. My strength really started to shoot up. Here are some examples:

    Bench went from 225x5 to 255x6 with a one rep max of 280 accomplished.

    Incline dumbell press went from 85x8 to 100x9.

    Squat went from 275x8 to 330x6.

    Overrall, all bodyparts from top to bottom gained substantial increases in strength and power. Weight went 182 lbs to 191 during the six week cycle. This was accomplished without adhering to the typical "bulking" diet as I was trying to eat relatively clean (aside from the Serious Mass). I'm certain my mass gains would be even higher had I taken on that kind of diet.

    As of now Im in my second week of pct and I've not only held on to my strength gains Ive actually added to my overrall poundages. I would definitely recommend this to someone, like myself, who is a newcomer to the PH scene and is also into lifting heavier and heavier weights. Side effects are minimal its relatively cheap and it does give you some good solid gains.

    Also got my blood work and everything checked during and after cycle. Aside from a slightly elevated diastolic blood pressure reading, which I was able to correct by decreasing sodium intake, everything was normal.
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DAVID Verified Buyer November 19, 2013
Great product
  • do your research before doing a cycle. Did a 4 week cycle of this product and took 50/75/75/50-25 mg a day. made sure I took a dose before a workout. I might just be sensitive, but I could tell a difference by the 2nd day of use. by week 2 I was pumped all the time. by week 4 I gained 12 lbs. Training was great on it, and now that I'm off and on OTC PCT, I still feel great. No bad sides except for a good amount of acne on my face. Worth it though. Take liver support. Enjoy massive pumps that don't go away and 1 day recovery.
  • Recovery, massive pumps, low sides, easy to come off.
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Mike D Verified Buyer November 15, 2013
Pretty good but....
  • This was my first time running halodrol solo. Normally I've stacked with methylstenbolone or epistane and had excellent results. I ran this at the prescribed dose of two caps daily for 23 days then upped to 75mg daily for the remainder. Doses were at 6am (1-2 caps) and 2pm (1cap/1-hr preworkout). I had moderate results. This didn't really kick in until midway through the 4th week on the day that I increased to 75mg and of course by then I only had a few days left. Strength gains were moderate but did improve overall. About 10 pounds up on each of the big three lifts with a 75% clean diet. Side effects weren't bad; some lethargy throughout the cycle as well as mild elevation of BP. I did not use any OCS so those were expected. The best part about this was the excellent pumps, increased vascularity even w/o a 6-pack, and muscle hardness that I noticed around the 2nd week.
    Not a bad product but not really great, either. There really needs to be at least 90 caps per bottle as I don't think 50mg per day is sufficient for any remarkable gains. Stacking halodrol with something else at 50mg daily is one thing, but running solo needs to be 75-100 in my opinion.
    I would try this again but would purchase two bottles and run for 6 weeks at 75-100mg daily.
  • Affordable
    Muscle hardness
  • Not enough caps for full effect and to run long enough
  • Thank you for your review Mike.

    Many guys tend to up their dosage to 75mg when running Halodrol. An alternative to purchasing who bottles is purchasing Halo-V by Vital Labs, which comes with 80 caps.

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Michael Verified Buyer July 8, 2013
not but
  • I stacked Halo-25 with Methyltren550. The result is gain muscle 5pounds.I really think I need to two bottle of Halo-25, like other people said.
    Thank you strong supplement for very fast delivery. I got my order with in a week, I'm live in Japan. I'm sure buy here again.
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