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Halocor by Pharmatec

Halocor by Pharmatec



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Looking for an H-Drol clone?


HALOCOR by Pharma-TEC 


Looking for Lean Hard Muscle Gains with a serious Increase in Strength? HaloCor is the perfect solution. 

60 Capsules & 25 Mg's per cap. 



-Rapid Size Gains

-Serious Strength Gains

-Increase Lean Muscle Mass

-Faster Workout Recovery

-Lean Bulking

-Dry Dense Muscle Gains 

Notice a change in your body composition quick! 

The main ingredient in Halocor is Halodrol. Halodrol has been around for a number of years and has been seen in products such as Gaspari Halodrol 50, H-drol, Halo-V, Halo-Plex etc...

All of these products as well as Halocor have been proven to provide lean hard muscle gains along with Strength gains. Halodrol, Halocor's ingredient, is one of the most popular and proven compounds still available today. People have flocked to Halocor as a result of its minimal sides and dry lean hard muscle gains. 

Halodrol works by attaching itself to your muscle cell walls and then reacts with the nucleaus of the cells to stimulate protein synthesis creating new proteins and increasing muscle size as a result. Many people compare Halocor to Oral Turinab0l as its scientifically close as well as provides similar results.

On Cycle is required with Halocor as well as PCT following your cycle. On cycle will better allow your body to accept Halocor and the Post Cycle Therapy will help you keep your gains and normalize your bodies hormone levels. 


Many people use this product on its own dosing for 30 days at 50mg's a day. However some people stack this with Epistane to further their results. 


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving%DV
4-Chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diol 25mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established    

 Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Sterate, Rice Powder  


Warning: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Consult your physician before using this dietary supplement. Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure heart kidney thyroid or psychiatric disease difficulty in urinating prostate enlargement anxiety depression seizure disorder or stroke. Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are taking any prescription drugs. Consult your healthcare practioner before beginning any program. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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David Verified Buyer April 26, 2013
Legit Stuff
  • This was my first prohormone. I bought this product because it was only $29.95. That way, if it did not work I was only out $30. However, it worked!! I noticed the strength improvement around the 17 or 18 day timeframe. My strength vastly improved all the way around. My bench went from 355x1 to 390x1, and my shoulder press went from 225x4 to 275x3. I just finished my last pill today, and I am on to the PCT. I will definitely be buying some more products.
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Brasstax Verified Buyer September 23, 2013
Good bang for your buck and body.
  • I got this for my second cycle of halodrol (Halo-V was the first). This was a better value, but I got less caps so my cycle was only 3 weeks long @ 75mg/day. I wish I would have got 2 bottles for this cycle because week 3 is where the gains really start. I did feel like I had increased energy right off the first use. I did get some high blood pressure and headaches from this (as I do with any halodrol product), so I recommend on cycle support to ease the uneasy symptoms. Good gains overall but cycle is too short with 60 tablets, so get 2 bottles or use 50mg per day and stack with something else. If you are on a budget (like I am) and you want a good boost when you can't afford your dream 12 stack cycle, this is a great product for the money!
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bossman58 Verified Buyer September 24, 2013
Very impressed
  • Stacked this with EPISTANE and have put on 10 pounds of hard muscle and lost almost 3 inches off my core. My arms, forearms and shoulders are considerably larger. Very satisfied and have and would recommend to anyone willing to put in the work, not to mention I'm 55 years old.
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Brian Frobel Verified Buyer June 24, 2013
Halo+Epi= Density
  • Stacked this product with pharma's Epidex as well. Did 2 halo's a day, 1 always before workout and 3 epis a day 1 always before workout. Noticed increase in strength, density, and hunger/libido. Product did what it said it would do, added lean hard muscle and strength. Minor sides were shin splints while playing bball and some back pumps after obliques and dead lifts.
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pat Verified Buyer March 11, 2013
Excellent product
  • After just 1 1/2 weeks of taking this product, I am seeing positive gains in weight, muscle without the bloat. No fluid retention with this product. 2 caps is all I take each evening 1 hour before my workouts.
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Ken Verified Buyer March 8, 2013
The Real Deal
  • Excellent product, great gains within 3 weeks. Totally worth it, this product is the real deal. Halocor
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Chilli Verified Buyer October 23, 2013
Halo +epi
  • Great stuff zero side increase strength not so much for size increase stack this with epi and make aure your diet is very very clean got back pumps about second week but could of benn due to lifting more weight, but taurine took care of the back pumps will def. Run another cycle
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William Verified Buyer December 24, 2013
  • more than 1 year(s)
Halocor/EPI 2A3A stack
  • Three weeks ago today I started my first multiple PH stack. At this point, with an injured shoulder I have gains of 100lbs on dead lift from 315 to 415, 40lbs on decline/incline/flat bench from 365 to 405/245 to 285/265 to 305 4 times. Arms have increased to 70lbs on one arm preacher curls and 255lbs on tricep cable extensions. Pull ups, both wide and close, have gone through the roof, originally not weighted now performing reps with 45 & 90 lbs hanging, respectively. Overall, this is only my second cycle but I have to say the gains are REAL! I have gained any weight however, anybody that sees me for the first time in a few weeks notices the difference. Highly reccomended for results and value. NO SiDES, to this point.
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Unknown Verified Buyer March 8, 2013
Great stuff
  • Does what it says
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Gabe Verified Buyer March 7, 2013
Good Gains
  • Up 10lbs dense muscle and strength is up. You never know with these clones but I am pleased with this. Would recommend, just use on cycle and def do a post.
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Mike P Verified Buyer August 18, 2013
Legit H-Drol
  • ran @ 75mgs for 6 weeks- Minimal sides and gained 17 lbs- good for beginners to the prohormone world, or those seeking a cycle with minimal sides. Good stuff-
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Harry Verified Buyer August 29, 2013
Happy customer
  • Very happy with this compound. Gained some solid size even whilst on a diet and broke a few pr's.
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Will Verified Buyer August 29, 2013
Soldier Approved
  • Followed the dosing on the bottle and within two weeks I noticed a dramatic increase in strength. Although I went up 5-15 lbs in all my lifts the size wasn't packing on like expected. Still recommend the product as everyones body is different. No side effects and awesome price!
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Lucas Verified Buyer October 9, 2013
  • If you want to gain strength and size quickly without a need
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Ya Verified Buyer October 23, 2013
Great buy
  • I put on and kept 19 pounds and I've been off for 3 weeks. Definitely do it again!
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Marcus Verified Buyer December 24, 2013
Works very well
  • This is a great product, It is stronger than you would think. Bench went from 300X5 to 315X8. I already ordered more for my next cycle. Shipping is very fast 3 days !!
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Eric Verified Buyer February 24, 2014
Nice lean muscle gains + Increase in strength
  • Excellent product for nice lean muscle increases. Definitely increases strength. After 2nd or 3rd week you will notice the effects.
  • Strength increases
    Lean muscle gains
  • no issues with this product
    no side effects
    nothing negative to say
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gunit Verified Buyer July 12, 2013
Pure H_drol
  • ordered 2 bottles. 2 caps with breakfast 1 after work out 75mgs total with a 45 day cycle.
    amazing stuff for the money and safe!
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Ron Verified Buyer January 21, 2013
3 weeks in
  • I am 3 weeks in on this and like it. 7 pounds up and bench has gone up 40 lbs.
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dave Verified Buyer September 11, 2013
good 4 strength gains
  • Just finished 5 wk cycle of halocor 3 caps/ 75 mg ed. By the end of wk one I noticed a significant increase n strength and endurance!!! Only added about 5 lbs and leaned out a little. Have kept all of the 5lbs and its 3 wks into pct! Very little sides! Sore dry joints was all. Good 4 gaining strength but not great for size or even cutting.
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Master Long Verified Buyer January 9, 2014
  • Good stuff!

    No side effects that I noticed!

    Please keep in mind if you are looking for steroid results you are not going to find it anywhere unless you know someone but if you are looking for stuff that gives you good results without the risk of DEALTH then you found it.

    I also stack it with EPIDEX but if you no wish to stack then you might like just the EPIDEX, which works well to.

    Now for those of you looking for
    19-Norandrostenedione then try this other stuff
    19-Norandrosta-drol, which is very close to the 19-nor that is discontinued and gives you good results as well but not for the beginner.

    You will find the 19-Norandrosta-drol at ***************** but there prices are up there, which is why I like buying my products
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21 Item(s)