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Himmapan by Thai Labz 60 Capsules



Himmapan is an excellent supplement for:


-Zero water retention


-Increased vascularity


-Lean dry full muscle gains




Himmapan contains Dymethazine, AKA DMZ, is a new prohormone brought to market in 2009. Chemically, it's two superdrol molecules attached, which are then sperated by your stomach acid. 

Where it does seem to have an advantage, however, is in the likelihood of side effects, in that they are generally less severe than with it's chemical cousin Superdrol.

Himmapan is a powerful product that's methylated and processed through the liver, as a result on cycle liver support and pct are crucialy important. Other sides can include a negative impact on blood pressure and lipid and cholesterol levels.

With the half-life reported to be 12-16 hours, you should split the dosage evenly to keep levels constant. Most users start seeing results in 10-14 days. Generally, Himmapan will promote lean, dry gains along with good increases in strength. Considered better for bulking than for cutting.

Himmapan is a strong product, and the recommendation is to have a serious strength post cycle therapy ready to go.



Recommended Dosage: 


Take 1 capsule 3 times per day. Don't exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period. Don't take for more than 6 weeks.





17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17, beta-dimethyl 5alpha, -androstan3-on azine 15 MG


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