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Methastadrol by Rock Hard Supplements

Methastadrol in Discontinued and no longer available
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Methastadrol by Rock Hard Supplements 90 Caps 

Methastadrol is no longer available due to the Superdrol ban, however Msten Xtreme Mass Builder is the replacement for it, and is extremely similar and just as potent. When dosing correctly many people are achieving very similar results. Check it out here  



HardRock Supplements introduces Methastadrol 90 capsules. With this product you will see massive strength and muscle gains.

Maximum strength Methastadrol turns your body into an extreme anabolic environment very quickly.


  • Experinece Mass Gains
  • Experience Larger Muscles
  • Experience Fuller Muscle
  • Experience Strength Gains

The ingredient in Methastadrol, 2a-17a-di-methyl-etiocholan-3-one,17b-ol,  is designed for serious atheletes who need serious results quickly. 


The reason why this ingredient is so popular is because of the fact that it has an inability for aromatisation to estrogen.

Methastadrol is highly anabolic, generally 400%-800% more anabolic then methyl-test. Because of how anabolic it is methastadrol promotes high levels of protein synthesis and serious muscle mass gains.

Methastadrol is a very strong prohormone and as a result can weigh heavy on the liver. As a result of this users need to up their water intake significantly. They also need to sleep a full cycle at night and increase their caloric intake. This means your diet needs to increase in quality complex carbs, high quality efa's and proteins.

Average cycle time 4-6 weeks.

You must use an On Cycle Support and finish with proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).


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David C Verified Buyer March 19, 2012
Perfect for adding muscles
  • I ran a 30 day cycle of this stuff with cycle assist and put on 13lbs of mass. Im in pct right now and Im feeling and looking swole.
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