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LGI: SD-10, 90 Caps 

SD-10 by LGI is no longer available due to the Superdrol ban, however Xtreme Mass by Anabolic Technologies is the replacement for it, and is extremely similar and just as potent.   

When dosing correctly many people are achieving very similar results. Check it out here   


LGI Is proud to present SD-10 the best single prohormone for bulking and adding mass. 

This is an active compound that needs no conversion and is the strongest of all PH/DS’s currently on the market today.

Sdrol, also known as methyldrostanalone, is a dry compound that does not convert to estrogen therefore gains are expected to be lean, hard, and dense. It can be used for a lean cutting cycle or a bulking cycle due to its strength.

Looking to run a longer cycle? Powerdrol-10 by Vital Labs is the same ingredient and has 120 caps and is only $4 more. So you get 30 more caps for $4. 

SD-10 is an Excellent Product for Bulking and Strength Gains.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 1 capsule 
Servings Per Container 90 
Amount Per Serving 
2a, 17a-dimethyl-5a-androstane-3-one-17b-ol 10mg 

To learn more about Superdrol the ingredient in SD-10 view our Superdrol Info page.   


Q. Do I need to take Post Cycle with this product or after?


A. You will need Post Cycle, but you will need to take it after 30 days of the SD-10. 


You will take the PCT on day 31 after you stop the SD-10. 


For more info on What Post Cycle is view our POST CYCLE Page. 


Q. How do I take SD-10?


A. Take 2 pills Daily for 30 day total, then do PCT. Take one in the a.m. and then one approximately 6 hours after. Try to take the pills at the same time daily. 


Q. What is a good PH to stack with SD-10?

A. People like to stack SD-10 with Halodrol, the reason for this is that SD provides size and mass and Halodrol provides strength and muscle hardening. Below are links to great halodrol products that stack well with SD-10. 

Halo-V by Vital Labs


Supernova H4

Q. Do I need liver support/cycle assist when taking SD-10?

A. With any prohormone, especially a superdrol product like SD-10 we recommend protecting your liver by taking on cycle support. 


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Dave A Verified Buyer September 7, 2012
  • This is without a doubt the best PH I've ever tried! My strength is up but more impressively, my size has transformed. In 2 weeks, I see significant changes in the mirror - all lean muscle mass! This product is a winner!
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Joebolic Verified Buyer September 26, 2011
results have slowed but is still working
  • Am now a week from finishing cycle and am now 155 lbs. Started cycle at 145
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Joebolic Verified Buyer September 9, 2011
great results so far
  • I started taking SD-10 5 days ago and have gained a solid 4 pounds so far. I started at 145 and am now 149 and its only been 5 days.. Will post again later on in the cycle
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