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Dark Cyde

Sledge by Dark Cyde

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Turn Your Arms into Sledge Hammers!
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Product Description

Sledge by Dark Cyde 

Turn Your Arms into Sledge Hammers! Get ready for Real Size and Strength Gains! This product will put on thick muscle and get you the size you've been waiting for! Don't Settle for Second Place, Get Sledge by Dark Cyde and Take Control!

Sledge Dark Cyde

Sledge the first pharmaceutical grade anabolic compound on the market Sledge contains 2 potent compounds, which causes strength increases, muscle growth and elevated test levels. Sledge is not metabolized by aromatase, eliminating any water retention normally associated with highly androgenic compounds. State of the art pharmaceutical grade (TPGS) has been added to give you the most bio-available delivery system for guaranteed maximum anabolic absorption.

There are 2 hard htting prohormones in Sledge:

1.MAX LMG-provides very little water retention and solid gains in muscle mass. Max LMG acts as an anti-progesterone thus cresting harder muscle gains, and decreased side sides as a results of its anti-estrogenic make up.

2. DMZ-is a very strong compound that will give you huge gains in size, strength and muscle size. You can expect to see dramatic gains in strength from week to week. In addition, the extra glycogen storage will cause a rapid cell swelling effect that will give you that full, hard look and awesome pumps.


17-bet-hydroxy-2-alpha,17-dimethyl-5-alpha-androstan-3-one azine

Take 2 capsules Daily


Do not use this product if you are at risk for or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders, strokes, or any other medical condition. Do not take this product if you are using antidepressants, MAO/MAOI inhibitors or any other prescription drugs. Do not use for more than 30 days without a 90 day break. Not for use in women or in any persons under the age of 21. Keep away from children.

If you are a professional or amateur athlete subject to performance enhancing substance testing, do not use this product unless cleared by your sanctioning body as it may cause a false reactive result for a urine or blood drug test. It may also cause a false reactive result for a urine or blood drug test.

As with any dietary supplement, we recommend that you consult a physician before use.

 "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ALWAYS consult your physician before taking supplements."

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I have completed on one bottle of sledge, should i use a liver support now?
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Unknown Verified Buyer May 17, 2011
Size Matters
  • I was stuck @ 220-225lbs for the longest time. I heard about Sledge and used it for 1 cylce so far (with a liver supporter) and added another solid 10-15lbs. I am now at 240lbs. Definately need to cycle 1 pill every 12 hours and eat every 3-4 hours but the results will show. I highly recommend this product.
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rene Verified Buyer September 14, 2014
great product
  • starting my third week and already seeing good results. weight is up 6 pounds an strength skyrocketed.
  • love it
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Williejay Verified Buyer September 13, 2011
It's good
  • I did a cycle of sledge for my first PH , it's not to potent to the liver but I still ran liver care and a good pct. I gained 11lbs solid after 1 cycle. The strength gains are noticeable with in the first week. I am moving up to Reign for my next cycle.
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Luiz Verified Buyer March 14, 2013
  • best
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