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Super-DMZ 2.0 by IronMagLabs



60 Capsules

Everyone is trying to get the next level, few do! This newly formulated IronMagLabs Product has 2 ingredients to get you there! 

Methylstenbolone 10MG-a new and potent prohormone recently brought onto the market to build muscle mass and size gains.


DMZ 10MG-excellent compound for zero water retention, increased vascularity, as well as lean dry full muscle gains.

Enjoy faster recovery form your workouts!


-Mass gains


-Fuller Muscles

-Increases Lean Muscle Mass

-Increases Strength & Power

-Helps with Cutting (getting lean) 


Super-DMZ Rx™ is a newly formulated anabolic "Hardening Stack" engineered and designed to increase, sustain, and strengthen muscularity via multiple pathways.

Super-DMZ Rx™ incorporates a combination of two synergistic compounds that target multiple receptor sites resulting in dry gains, harder and leaner muscles, and increased vascularity from one workout to the next. 

Super DMZ rx requires On Cycle Support and needs to be followed up with proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

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Can you become infertile by using this product?How long will you be able to keep the size and strength for after you finish the cycle?
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EatChicken Verified Buyer September 25, 2012
  • I had ran the first version b4 and was in love with it, tried this new version and I felt like it was actually stronger a little bit more water retention but people where asking me what kind of steroids i was using. haha. from 192 to 207 in 4 weeks granted eating like a beast but good solid gains did pct with ArimePCT Stage 5, and now im at 202, water is gone no gyno. DOWN SIDES: acne all over body, balls shrunk and sex drive was down on around 2nd week All of these were reversed by the second week of PCT. MUST use PCT, and on cycle support.
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Thomas Verified Buyer May 17, 2013
Works Fast As Hell
  • For the last two years I have been stuck at 140 pounds and no amount of food I ate could assist me in gaining weight. I began going to the gym daily for a few months with no really noticeable results. Within about 13 days of starting Super Dmz 2.0 I had gained 12 pounds, and increased in size greatly. This stuff is crazy. I've recommended it to all my friends! I have always been the really skinny guy but not anymore ;)
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Unknown Verified Buyer March 24, 2013
Better results than any other product I have tried so far.
  • I was told by a buddy to double my dose in the morning and at night. I took it about 12 hours about every day for 6 weeks. I do not recommend you do this unless you have taken a PH before and you know how your body will react. In 4 weeks I went from repping 225x6 to 225x14. I also went from 193lbs to 202lbs. If you like to run, don't take this product. You will get the worst calf and shin cramps, to the point you can't walk almost. Also, make sure you drink at least a gallon of water a day or you will get muscle cramps randomly. I also highly recommend you take a PCT or you will experience some side effects.
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Unknown Verified Buyer December 25, 2012
Real gains, real results
  • This is my 2nd cycle and is still VERY impressed with what this supplement can do along with training intensity and determination. Talk about strength gains and rock hard muscle gains. You will start to feel it kick in within 3 days and your strength goes thru the roof! I have had no negative side effects while taking this supplement, but everybody is different.
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Unknown Verified Buyer May 13, 2013
awesome product
  • This product is very affective when combined with the right diet and heavy lifting it works good and you can definetly see results the first month
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GSR... Verified Buyer March 27, 2013
I have to say it really works!!..
  • I was always trying to get some Pounds With out getting to fat
    And I start taking Super DMZ 2.0 and on the 2nd day I just Felt a big Change
    Big pumps More repetitions, and I got about 11 Pounds Before I finish the cycle
    Side effects, Not really just Maybe 1 Extra pimple and you do feel Your blood pressure going up, My biceps And triceps Feel like a rock I don't really feel fat I feel like I got more muscle Then fat Or water.. You do feel stronger but be careful Don't overdo it Because you can injure yourself, I have to say I'm going to do super DMZ 2.0 For my second cycle again....
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