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What is Alpha 1?

Alpha 1 is formally known as Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone however many people call it Alpha 1, or Alpha One or Methyl 1AD. 

This compound is extremely potent and as a result users cycle times are shorter, ranging from 2 weeks to a maximum 4 weeks. 

Alpha One has shown some conversion to Methyl-1-Testosterone also known as M1T. This is because Alpha 1 is a precursor to m1t. This is not proven and estimates of the actual conversion range from 17-20%. Regardless, this is a moot point as Alpha 1 is very powerful and the results thus far have been very impressive. 

Due to the strength of Alpha One it is not at all for first time prohormone users and only to be used by the experienced with On cycle and followed with Post Cycle Therapy. The power of Alpha One will generally take its toll on your liver and raise your blood pressure while cycling, this further places the importance on experience, on cycle and PCT. 

Dosage per day is 60mg. 

Benefits from Alpha 1 are: 

-Increased Lean Mass

-Dense Muscle Gains 

-Strength Gains

-No Estrogen Conversion 

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