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Redcon1 Supplements - The highest state of readiness. Redcon1 was formed by Aaron Singerman to create the highest quality supplements that include Total War, Halo, MOAB, Big Noise and Mental Trigger. Redcon1 was founded on the principle of excellence to provide those who are serious about training supplements that help them perform at their best. Redcon1 also has sponsored athletes like Brian Shaw, Anthony Rumble Johnson and IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe.

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  1. Silencer by Redcon1
    Silencer by Redcon1
    Regular Price $49.99 Special Price $42.99
  2. Halo by Redcon1
    Halo by Redcon1
    80% of 100
  3. RPG by Redcon1
    RPG by Redcon1
  4. MRE Bar by Redcon1 (1 Box / 12 Bars)
    MRE Bar by Redcon1 (1 Box / 12 Bars)
  5. Waterboard by Redcon1
    Waterboard by Redcon1
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Redon1 Brand Info


Need info on Redcon1? Below find the most sought after questions about the brand you love. 


Who owns Redcon1?

Aaron Singerman


When was Redcon1 formed?

Redcon1, LLC was formed in 2016. According to owner and founder Aaron Singerman, the brand is the fastest growing supplement company and is in over 80+ countries. 


What are Redcon1 best selling products?

Redcon1 has over 30 products for sale currently and their best selling supplements include Total War, MOAB, Halo, Big Noise and Breach. 


Who are Redcon1 sponsored athletes?

Redcon1's sponsored athletes include Brain Shaw, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, Luke Sandoe, Maddy Forberg, George Peterson, Jesse Bowen, Mahmood Al Durrah, Joe Bennet, Ray Williams Ashley Reynolds, Bryce Bahm, Caleb Reynolds, Chloe Sannito, Josh Vogel, Donna Murphy, Taylor Spadachino, Johnny Primo, Darrian Borello, Kenneth Owens, Oliver White, Brad Willis, Ben Chow and Brad Albertson. 


Where is Redcon1 located?

Boca Raton, Florida, United States


What does Redcon1 mean?

The highest state of readiness. 


What's Redcon1 instagram and facebook?

On instagram: redcon1

On Facebook:


Where can I buy Redcon1? 

Here at Strong Supplement Shop


If I have questions about Redcon1 who can I contact?

You can email or chat us by clicking on the guy in the bottom right corner during normal business hours. 

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