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Max-LMG Prohormone Info & Cycle Guide 


What is Max LMG, what does it do and what products contain it?

Max LMG also known as 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2,5(10)-Diene-17-One provides very little water retention and solid gains in muscle mass. Max LMG acts as an anti-progesterone thus cresting harder muscle gains, and decreased side sides as a results of its anti estrogenic make up.

Research shows that Max LMG has a half-Life of about 6 hours, however when tested subjects showed a 10 hour half life based on plasma levels.

Max LMG is very popular as a stacking compound and is usually a compliment to other prohormones like Superdrol and Halodrol.

Average Cycle time 4-6 weeks.


-Mass Gains

-Size Gains

-Hard Musle Increase

Post Cycle highly recommended as well as on cycle during your MAX LMG cycle. 

Products that contain MAX LMG are as follows:

Maximum-LMG by PharmaTec 

LMG by LGI Supplements

Metha-Drol Extreme by BSL 

Beast Plexx by Assault Labs 

Emonster by Galaxy Supplements

Quad Stack by NGS

Phorce by Phantom Labs


Here are some reviews from recent Max-LMG loggers: 


-"All I can say is WOW! Tonight I felt like a beast in the gym. I set 3 personal records and my strength just keeps going up and up and up. The guy that spotted me is someone I workout with from time to time and he even said, "Damn what the hell have you been doing lately, you look a lot bigger". I just laughed. So far, I'm up 11lbs to 172 and I seem to be filling out evenly..." Day 23 (of the cycle) Posted by Mr. Brown




-"My strength is really been going up as of late as in my muscular endurance. I had my bf tested today, it's 13.7%, I started at a bit over 14%, and now I weigh roughly 222-223, and I started at 214. So I went from 14%+ and 214 pounds to now 222ish and less than 14%, needless to say I'm happy with what I see." -Posted by Down-n-Dirty (Day 15 of his cycle).



Our Top Pick for MAX LMG Supplements: 

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