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Methylzene by Hardrock Supplements


Hardrock Supplements

Methylzene by Hardrock Supplements

Double Your Fat Loss! (Stack with a Non-Stimulated Fat Burner):

Add Multi-Vitamin:

Stack with CLAs (Use Fat Storage as Energy):

Lose Your Fat, Not Your Muscle (Add BCAAs):

Add an Isolate Protein (Low Fat, Low Carb Protein):

Looking for Energy, focus, and weight loss in a pill?
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Product Description

Methylzene by Hardrock Supplements


Looking for Energy, focus, and weight loss in a pill? Delta Health is pleased to bring you Methylzene.  

Not for Beginners!

-Burns Fat Faster

-Fast Acting

-Long Lasting 

-Xtreme Strength

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KJ Verified Buyer June 6, 2015
Great Product and Price
  • I have been using Methylzene for about a year now. It is by far one of the best Eph based products I have used since the major companies stopped selling them years ago. I have been using eph for 15 years and there is nothing I have found that gives me the energy or fat burning ability like the ephedra stack. The Methylzene is great, and the price a quick shipping make it a great value.
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Kenneth Verified Buyer June 28, 2015
Excellent product, Good Value, Really Works!!
  • I have used Methylzene for over a year and find it to be one of the best products for both energy and help with keeping the weight off when it is taken along with an exercise routine. Methylzene reminds me of the old stacks that are no longer made.
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Bobby Verified Buyer August 30, 2015
  • We are using this as part of our prep for a bodybuilding show and it is working great.
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Attila Verified Buyer June 1, 2015
strongest fatburner i've ever tried
  • 1 capsule a day and it makes me sweat like a pig, gives me awesome energy and mental focus and also keep my appetite in control.

    100 caps = 100 serving = best value fatburner on the market.
  • everything
  • nothing
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daniel Verified Buyer May 14, 2015
so so go go
  • It's OK but it doesn't get you jacked like you would think. Not ephedrine. C4 gives you more of a jolt then this.
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5 Item(s)