Nitrix 2.0 by BSN

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VASO Muscular Volumizer with Zero Stimulants 

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Nitrix 2.0 by BSN


Advanced Strength 




VASO Muscular Volumizer with Zero Stimulants 


Brand New & Explosive the new Nitrix 2.0 by BSN is a serious pump machine! 




-Muscle Fullness

-Increase Vascularity

-Increse Endurance & Reduce Fatigue

-Increase Workout Performance

-Increase Nitrix Oxide Production

-Con-Cret Reinforced Creatine Matrix 

-Higher Protein Synthesis 


NITRIX 2.0® is a dietary supplement that is taken throughout the day to promote blood vessel-dilating and muscle-volumizing effects, thereby supporting blood flow and enhanced muscular performance.* The key to the NITRIX® formula is the inclusion of the amino acid L-arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide. High levels of nitric oxide are known to dilate the blood vessels, which may have a multitude of positive effects on muscular performance and appearance.* NITRIX 2.0® promotes superior workout performance and, thereby, gains in strength and size.* Additionally, NITRIX® promotes vascularity and intense muscle pumps, which may help support the density and appearance of the muscles.*


Any type of athlete can benefit from improved cardiovascular performance and efficiency.* In this sense, NITRIX 2.0® lays the groundwork for all further physique and performance supporting improvements.* By taking NITRIX 2.0® throughout the day, athletes ensure that their muscles are operating at a high-level and that they are getting the most out of the time and energy they sacrifice to training.*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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