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Take your body to the next level! Be the Alpha with Alpha Stano by Alpha Gainz!

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Alpha Stano by Alpha Gainz Supplement Facts

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Alpha Stano by Alpha Gainz

Take your body to the next level! Be the Alpha with Alpha Stano by Alpha Gainz! Alpha Stano contains the powerful ingredient Epiandrosterone. This ingredient is the precursor to DHT. A study done in 2009 on mouse muscle fibers found that DHT activates the epidermal growth factor receptor. This increase in DHT assists in improving your strength, upping your libido and vitality and improving your fat loss! Get Alpha Stano by Alpha Gainz and get they physique you desire! 


Key Benefits: 

  • Improve Strength
  • Improve Libido
  • Improve Vitality 
  • Increase Fat Loss

Key Ingredient: 


This ingredient is a derivative of DHEA, and can be found naturally occurring in pine pollen. Epiandrosterone is a precursor to Stano, also known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Low levels of DHT causes a decreased sex drive and can compromise the muscle building process. Proper high levels of DHT can promote an improved sex life, better overall mood, improvements in ones strength, muscle mass, and decreases in body fat and reduced water retention, Alpha Stano brings you a nice dose of this powerful and effective ingredient. 

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