Elite XT Protein by Dymatize Nutrition

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The best extended time release protein in its class!
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Elite XT by Dymatize Nutrition 

Elite XT extended release formula is designed to fuel your muscles after the most intense workouts.

Elite XT by Dymatize Nutrition is the best extended time release protein in its class! If you are serious about building strong muscles, then this is a must have protein! 

Elite XT is newly reformulated with nutrateric. This allows for an even slower release of protein throughout the day. The addition of nutrateric makes Elite XT the ultimate muscle fuel and muscle recovery formula on the market!

After extensive research, Dymatize Nutrition found that no single protein source was ideal for achieving extended release anabolic effects. The multi-protein formula makes this product perfect for muscle recovery long after your gym sessions. 

Dymatize Nutrition has taken muscle recovery to the next level with Dymatize Elite XT. Dymatize Nutrition once again amazes the fitness world with this revolutionary dietary supplement. 


- Extended Release 

- Muscle Recovery 

- Multi-Protein Matrix

- Addition of Nutrateric  


Get Elite XT by Dymatize Nutrition at StrongSupplementShop.com and fuel your muscles NOW!

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