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Not Sure which fat burner or diet pill is best for you?

There are many types of fat burners and diet pills available in todays market. A person needs to asses their overall goals, experience, tolerence level and daily regiment to make a decision on which type of fat burner they are best suited for. 

There are different methods that fat burners use to deliver their results. Some fat burners combine the methods below to optimize results. 

1. Appetite Suppressing Fat Burners

These fat burners aim at reducing your hunger and cutting out snacking and cravings. Good for people who know that they are over eating and sneaking in snacks between meals. This method will support your wieght loss efforts and give you the extra edge you need to ward of temptation. This will also allow for you to focus in on your diet and normalize your appetite levels. 

2. Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermo means heat. Thermogenic fat burners work at burning fat by increasing your metabolism. This increases you body's heat production and as a result of this your body stores less fat and burns more calories. 

3. Stimulant Based Fat Burners

Stimulant based fat burners also work at raising your bodies metabolism and can also raise your bodies core temperature. It creates this result by using different stimulants such as caffine. These types of fat burners are very effective in that the stimulants raise energy levels and raise your bodies calorie burning center. One will also experience a unique mental alertness and a physical energy boost that will aid tremendously in optimizing and intesifying your workout. 


Fat burners and diet pills will optimize a healthy diet and proper exercise regiment. The better the regiment the better results you can excpect. No fat burner is going to help or be healthy to take if you do not do any exercise with it. Make sure you are working at your goals of weight loss and the fat burner can help you achieve that goals much quicker then you ever thought possible. 

With the stronger fat burners and for beginners it may be good to start with half of the initially reccomended dose to see how your body reacts to the fat burner and establish a good tolerence level. This way you can be the judge of your comfort zone and create a winning formula. 

4. Non Stimulated Fat Burners

You are looking for a fat burner but dont want the stimulants attached to it. Keep in mind these supplements will not be as strong as the stimulant based ones. We have dedicated a category for these types of fat burners here


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