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Top 10 Cutting Agents


Top 10 Cutting Agent Supplements  - Updated for 2023 

Ranked by repeat sales, customer reviews, our Pro Support Staff's experience and our discussions with customers we proudly announce the TOP 10 CUTTING AGENTS for 2023. As things change daily in the supplement and fitness world one thing remains, people need an edge. The Top 10 Cutting Agents works to deliver the crowd the best Cutting Supplements to get you shredded in no time. 2023 brought a repeat champion with Androvar taking the number one spot again. In the number 2 position, True Shred is a new and extremely promising supplement that has shown to deliver stellar results reducing water and building muscle aiming at getting you Truly Shredded, pun intended. Take a deeper look at the rankings below.  



1. True Shred by Hard Rock Supplements 

True Shred has made a serious impact fast on the supplement market and on the physique of those who use it. True Shred is considered a Hybrid Cutter containing ingredients that build muscle and at the same time reduce estrogen and shed water. For those looking to run a cutting cycle with no pct, on cycle etc and wanted to get Truly Shredded then this is the one for you! 


True Shred #2 Cutting Supplement

2. Androvar by Hard Rock Supplements

The team at Hard Rock Supplements researched and analyzed multiple ingredients, but one stood out from the pack due to how versatile it could be and how much more it offered, Androvar was born. User feedback on the compound was impressive, with some loggers packing on pounds of solid lean mass, and others maintaining muscle mass while reporting "getting shredded to the bone!". 


Androvar - #1 Cutting Supplement 

3. Anabolic Trinity By Hard Rock Supplements

This top ranked Cutting Supplement contains 3 solid cutting ingredients aimed at improving your strength, muscle definition and building your lean muscle mass. As a result this was created for the advance user, and from their feedback they are thanking the holy trinity afterward. 

Anabolic Trinity #3 Cutting Supplement 

 4. Ultimate R-Andro Hard Rock Supplements

This supplements success is spreading as its unique Triple compound formula offers its users hardened muscles, increased strength and vascularity. Positive reviews and feedback helped to secure the number 4 position on the 2023 list. 


5. Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy

A solid supplement with huge potential. Technological advancements are pushing the limits of what’s naturally possible! Not just slightly pushing, but massively pushing, resulting in the development of a new anabolic agent! Epicatechin (EPI) is non-hormonal agent that vastly increases lean mass and muscle hardness; and Vital Alchemy has created the industries most potent formula by packing each capsule with more EPI than anyone else. 

Epi 2.0 #5 Cutting Supplement 

6. Nano Genin by Assault Labs (Nano Series) 

One of the original members of the Anabolic Alchemy Collection Nano Genin gets its potency from its Nano Absorb Technology. Due to this new technology Nano Genin is reported to be 600% more effective than other Laxogenin alternatives. Its low side effects coupled with its 8 week cycle times have made this a customer favorite. 
 Nano Genin # 6 Cutting Supplement

7. AndroHard by Muscle Gelz

AndroHard makes it on the Top 10 for the first time with its transdermal Epi-Andro formula which focuses on muscle hardness, quick delivery, fat loss and a nice veiny increase in your muscle vascularity. Will AndroHard stay on the Top 10, will it move up or down? Time will only tell.

 Androhard #7 Cutting Supplement

 8. Exotherm by Black Lion Supplements

Exotherm bring estrogen blocking and far burning to its users through a transdermal delivery system. It provides lean gains and water shedding to create a cut and shredded look that users have reported transformed their physique. 

 Exotherm by Black Lion #8 Cutting Supplement

9. Testoshred by EPG

Testoshred is unique that it is not a conventional cutter. Epg added 3 proven test boosting ingredients to this formula alongside an AI that aims to reduce estrogen. Users have reported muscle hardness, increase in libido and reduction in water retention.  

 Testoshred by EPG #9 Cutting Supplement

10. Massacr3 By Olympus Labs

OL's cutting supplement comes in last but not least on this years list. Offering a non hormonal approach to cutting. Increasing your metabolism and using your fat for fuel perfect for your shredding recomp.  

Massacr3 by Olympus Labs