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We're Not Successful Until You're Successful


Welcome to Strong Supplement Shop! We are super passionate about Customer Success! From humble beginnings to Top 100 Ranked Online Retailer1, Strong Supplements continues to stamp its growing footprint on the fitness industry. From day one it is our passion that drives us and the result is an award winning customer experience and a high level of customer satisfaction. It's time, you're ready to escape being average and ready to step up to being AWESOME! Strong has been featured in many publications around the world! You can read more about us as we are also featured in Muscle & Fitness. It's time to Get Strong! Join our family and take the first step toward reaching your fitness goals.

1Bizrate, a Time Warner Company, ranks us in the Top 100 North American Online Retailers for customer experience and overall satisfaction


You're family at Strong and no matter where you are on your fitness journey, we have your back.


That is why every product we sell must meet our stringent standards for potency, purity, and performance. It is why we don't just have customer service, WE HAVE PRO SUPPORT! Every one of our Pro Support Team Members is not only trained to be a supplement specialist, they are fellow athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. They use the supplements we sell, they workout at the highest levels and they pass on that knowledge and training to you. Everyone of our Pro Support Staff has been in the supplement industry for over 10 years. We are so passionate about supplements and its the reason why we ship your order the same day it was placed. It's also why we spend countless of hours working with suppliers to help innovate and push the industry forward so that the supplements you get from us are simply the best. We know the journey you are on and we are here to provide you with the knowledge, supplements, and tools you need to accomplish your goals, no matter how high they are. Buying from Strong Supplement Shop means buying from the Best.



Serving The Fitness Community For Over 10 Years


We've served the greater fitness community since 2009. During this span we've seen a lot of change, but one thing remained constant, our commitment to providing the fitness community with the best fitness and workout supplements available. It's one reason why we started the Top 10 Ranked Supplements Lists, which have become the Industry's de facto standard. What makes our lists unique is that they are based on customer re-buys, reviews and discussions. We believe that if customers purchase a product again and again its a good indicator it's working for them; it's a do as I do not as I say approach. It's also the main reason so many people use the lists when choosing a supplement. Another constant is Strong's consistency, not only in providing the highest quality supplements, but in how we always get orders to your door fast, maintain a large inventory of fresh supplements and provide support and guidance like no one else. When you put it all together you can see why we're called Strong Supplements. We invite you to join our family and see just how special a purchase from Strong Supplements can be and you will join us in saying..I'm STRONG! 

But don't take our word for it, here are some recent reviews of Strong from Trust Pilot:

5-stars.pngAlways reliable

"Always reliable, always delivers quickly and they have great supplements. I am very happy with them and their offerings."

5-stars.pngThese guys are awesome

"These guys are awesome, stocked up on my supplements, highly recommended.
After getting my first order, I had several questions regarding the doses for couple supplements and called customer service to which they were extremely helpful, knowledgeable answered all my questions and was thorough w instructions.
I could tell the person I spoke with really cared and is a supplement head himself. Good stuff."

5-stars.pngAwesome customer service

"Awesome customer service. Helping me figure out what supplements were right for my fitness goals. Got my order in 2 days and I absolutely love the fat burner they suggested."


Get Strong, Be Strong...STAY STRONG!

About us on the web:

A Wealth of Knowledge

We believe in empowering our customers through education. Explore our blog for insights on dieting, workout tips, product reviews, and more. Also check out our YouTube channel for detailed product reviews and supplement tips directly from our Pro Support Team.

Our Quality Assurance

Every product we offer has undergone stringent quality control measures to ensure its potency and purity. We stand behind the performance of our supplements, and should they not meet your expectations, we offer a hassle-free returns and refund policy

Global Delivery

We ship worldwide, ensuring that wherever you are, quality supplements are within your reach. We also offer free shipping on orders over $100 for our USA customers. Please read more about international shipping on this page. 

Join Our Team

We are always looking to expand our Strong family. If you're passionate about fitness and want to help others achieve their goals, please send us an inquiry at

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We only sell pure, fresh, high-quality, supplements. Most of our orders ship out the same or next day. Not in the USA? No problem! We ship to over 100 countries. 

Pro Support Team 

Our Pro Support Team is more than just customer service. Comprising athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, experienced nutritionists, Doctors, and Published Authors, our team mirrors the diversity of the fitness community. From weightlifting and bodybuilding to running, boxing, HIIT, powerlifting, strength training, cardio, and yoga, we have experts ready to answer your questions and guide you on your fitness journey. Our expert team is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. You can call us, email us, ( or chat with us live through our website. We're here to help you reach your fitness goals.

Our Expert Team

Leonard Shemtob

Leonard Shemtob is the President of Strong Supplements, a leading retailer of fitness supplements that has been serving the fitness community for over 10 years. Leonard has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has developed a deep understanding of fitness supplements and nutrition. He is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and has written extensively on the topic. In addition to his work with Strong Supplements, Leonard is an avid weightlifter, basketball player, and hiker. His personal blog,, covers a wide range of topics including fitness, nutrition, and personal growth.

Mike Chisnall

Mike Chisnall is a professional writer and journalist with a degree in English Literature. Mike has a passion for storytelling and has published several articles and essays in well-known magazines and newspapers. Freelance Writer Mike has a vast experience in writing on various topics including travel, food, fitness, supplements, technology, and more. His writing informative and engaging, making his work highly sought after by a wide range of audiences. Mike Chisnall also pursued bodybuilding since 2009 while attending University in the United Kingdom. In 2015 he joined Steve Nash Fitness Center in Vancouver, B.C. as a core. Mike Chisnall is now based in Los Angeles, CA.

Robert Rister

Robert Rister is a talented author & journalist known for his insightful writing. With a background in Political Science, Robert brings a unique perspective to his writing, offering a fresh take on current events.He has published numerous articles and essays in prestigious publications, and has gained a reputation as one of the most insightful voices in his field. Robert's writing is always engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Robert is a Chemist, formulator, translator, and educator, he has written two bestsellers and over 5,000 articles on natural medicine and appeared on 300 radio and television programs as a guest commentator on evidence-based natural health. Robert also helped to formulate one of the most effective and bestselling stacks for weight loss before Edge of Insanity came on the scene.

Alissa Carpio

Alissa Carpio is an accomplished author and journalist with a passion for telling stories that captivate and engage audiences. She has a degree in Creative Writing, and Alissa brings a unique voice to her work, blending her storytelling skills with her love of research and investigation. She has published articles and essays in a variety of magazines and newspapers, and has earned a reputation as a talented and insightful writer. Alissa's writing is always well-researched, thought-provoking, and engaging. Her writing is entertaining and educational, making her work a must-read. Alissa Carpio, also is a IFBB Figure Pro and 2017 NPC National Fitness Champion, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and mom of two living in Rock Hill, SC. You can follow her contest prep, supplement reviews, behind the scenes and Instagram @alissa_carpio

Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin

Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin is a sociologist and researcher with a focus on race, gender, and social justice. She holds a PhD in sociology and has been studying and writing about these topics for over a decade. Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin is a healthy lifestyle consultant and coach, speaker, writer and commentator who's been in the industry for over 20 years. Holding multiple degrees and certifications in exercise science, nutrition and rehabilitation, she's worn professional hats in commercial fitness and corporate wellness, academia, medicine, nonprofit sectors, and the blogosphere.

Dr. Diana Rangaves

Dr. Diana Rangaves is a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and a graduate of the University of California, San Francisco, where she specialized in pharmacotherapy management. With a broad range of experience in acute clinical and ambulatory care, she is an expert in chronic disease state management. Dr. Rangaves has also taught critical thinking, ethics, pharmacology, addiction, behavior patterns, pharmacy, and nursing as an academic college professor. Dr. Rangaves has published several books and articles in numerous venues and is the founder of and

Dr. Sara McEvoy, PT, DPT

Dr. Sara McEvoy, PT, DPT is a physical therapist, writer and researcher with a focus on rehabilitation and injury prevention. She holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) and has been practicing in the field for over a decade. Sara is a former gym co-owner as well as a group fitness instructor. With a commitment to providing evidence-based and effective care, Dr. McEvoy's writing can be found in various medical and rehabilitation publications. She is dedicated to educating patients and healthcare providers about the latest developments in physical therapy and injury prevention.

Tyler Lacoma

Tyler Lacoma is a versatile and experienced writer known for his engaging and informative writing style. With a background in journalism, Tyler has a talent for making complex topics accessible and enjoyable to read. He has published numerous articles and essays on a wide range of topics, including technology, fitness, supplements, science, and the environment. He continues to captivate audiences with his insightful and thought-provoking writing, and remains one of the most sought-after writers in his field. Tyler is a writer as well as an editor. Tyler has appeared on Screenrant, Digital Trends, Huffington Post, and Motley Fool. He has also published a number of books on nutrition and health workout practices.

Jane Meggitt

Jane Meggitt is a writer and researcher with a focus on health and wellness. She has a degree in health sciences and has been writing professionally for over a decade. With a passion for spreading accurate and helpful information, Jane's writing can be found in various online and print publications. She is dedicated to making complex health topics easy to understand for the general public. She is also a researcher with a focus on health and wellness. She has been writing professionally for over a decade. With a passion for spreading accurate and helpful information, Jane's writing can be found in various online and print publications. She is dedicated to making complex health topics easy to understand for the general public. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, including The Alternative Daily, USA Today, The Nest, and The Houston Chronicle.

Joe D

Joe has been a long standing expert in supplements for over a decade with a strong passion for bodybuilding and fitness. Joe also has experience in nutrition and training. His attention to detail and anticipation of what Strong's customers desire is second to none. Joe leads the Pro Support Team and works diligently to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

Mehmet Edip

Mehmet Edip is a fitness writer, actor, model and host who has worked in the industry for over 10 years. As a former competitor he focuses on achieving his physique through an all natural plant-based diet and shares his insight via his workout & nutrition guides.

Tyler Prince

Tyler Prince has been acting, modeling, and competing in bodybuilding and fitness related sports for over 10 years. Tyler is a brand enthusiast, model and consultant for Strong Supplements. Tyler also is a supplement tester and has studied nutrition and supplementation. Tyler's drive and passion for all things fitness are in inspiration to all those around him.

Kelly Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson is an American fitness, nutrition, and health writer. She started her fitness writing career as an ACE-certified personal trainer and expanded into mental health topics after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Kelly's content is well researched, evidence based and provides expertise on the fitness and supplementation article she composes.