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Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and Discounts - How to Save Money with Strong Supplement Shop


1. Subscribe to our Newsletter

Every week we send out our newsletter featuring announcements, supplement discounts, and information about the newest innovations in the industry. Subscribe to our newsletter and you can take advantage of deals - some of which are up to 50% off!


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2. Get a $10 credit by:


1. Posting a working link in a Bodybuilding/fitness forum (that we don't already have a presence in) and then sending us the url to view it. This link can be to a product or to the overall site. Once completed send us the link so we can review it and we will email you the coupon code/credit. 


Examples. "So far I would have to say that the best bulking supplement I have used is Super Mandro:"

Or: "If you are having joint issues that bad then I would suggest checking out Joyful Joints. I used it on my last cutting cycle and it helped big time."


Note: You must place an actual clickable link, not www or similar. An actual link that will receive the credit is: The link must also be what is called a "Do Follow" link. We can look this up, and if you want you can message us beforehand so we can evaluate the forum and how they allow linking. Thank you. 


Send the working link to


3. Get a Discount code for your order:


Go to Pricegrabber and click the green Write a Review Button on the Right or go to Supplement Reviews and leave us a trusted review. Send us the link and we will give you the coupon code/credit. 


Supplement Logs 


We are looking for experienced supplement loggers!  If you think this is you, please send an email us on our Contact Us page with the subject line "SUPPLEMENT LOGGER.” 


In the body of the email please explain why you think you would be a good candidate for a supplement log.


Things we look for in a logger:


- Active member of a bodybuilding forum

- Previous experience running logs (please include links)

- Fair bit of knowledge on bodybuilding and supplementation 

- Youtube channel (Not required, but this a big plus)


Loggers will be required to create a video review once cycle is completed, so basic knowledge of YouTube is recommend, if not, we can help.