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Dr. Sara McEvoy, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist (PT) is a health provider who aids in the prevention of injuries, as well as the restoration of mobility. Dr. McEvoy is a former gym owner as a fitness instructor. She earned her degree from Boston University. Dr. Sara also has a background as a CrossFit trainer and gym co-owner. As a writer, Dr. McEvoy creates content exclusively within the field of health and wellness. When Dr. Sara is not writing or in clinical practice, she enjoys reading, hiking and yoga. Dr Sara also volunteers at her local Humane Society. She loves to empower patients, caregivers, and readers with actionable and evidence-based knowledge to maximize their independence and quality of life.
Epicatechin Full Review -  Catch the Gains

Epicatechin Full Review - Catch the Gains

A comprehensive review of Epicatechin by Dr. Sara McEvoy DPT which covers the benefits, dosages, studies, side effects and the TOP 5 Epicatechin Supplements. 



2 years ago
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