Han Swolo by Black Lion Research

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Han Swolo by Black Lion Research

Major pump alert! This new pre workout by Black Lion Research is made to have your muscles swole to levels unseen! No stims and innovative ingredients that the market has not experienced yet. Increase blood flow, increase pumps, allow for nutrients to rush to your muscle to aid in growth.  This is the one to take on its own before your workout or add to your favorite pre workout! Feel the Pump and Get Swole! 


Key Benefits: 

  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Increase Pumps
  • Nutrient Shuttling
  • Stim Free
  • Get Vascular


Key Ingredients: 

Liguistrazine Phosphate

Osthole Cyclodextrin

Quercetin Niacin Co Crystals


Get your Pumps to new levels with Han Swolo by Black Lion Research Now!

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