Han Swolo by Black Lion Research

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This new pre workout by Black Lion research is made to have your muscles swole to levels unseen!
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Han Swolo by Black Lion Research BLR

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Han Swolo by Black Lion Research

Major pump alert! This new pre workout by Black Lion Research is made to have your muscles swole to levels unseen! No stims and innovative ingredients that the market has not experienced yet. Increase blood flow, increase pumps, allow for nutrients to rush to your muscle to aid in growth.  This is the one to take on its own before your workout or add to your favorite pre workout! Feel the Pump and Get Swole! 


Key Benefits: 

  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Increase Pumps
  • Nutrient Shuttling
  • Stim Free
  • Get Vascular


Key Ingredients: 

Liguistrazine Phosphate - sourced from a Chinese herb Chuanxiong, and enhanced your pumps like crazy. Also this ingredient increases cerebral blood flow and enhances vessel dilation. Ligustrazine phosphate is a great NO booster and also works in multiple ways to open up your blood vessels. Research and testing shows that this ingredient is effective even when used with stimulants. Ligustrazine phosphate is also anabolic and prevents muscle atrophy. It also reduces oxidative stress and reduces inflammation, with so many benefits it helps to make Han Swolo the go to PWO. 

Osthole Cyclodextrin: This ingredient is a coumarin commonly found in Cnidium monnieri. Cnidium has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Studies show that if bioavailability is enhanced osthole can be an exceptional vasodilator and will work in spite of stimulant usage. BLR's Osthole has great bioavailability with a long half life, and its benefits include fat reduction, increases in energy output and insulin sensitivity. 

Quercetin Niacin Co Crystals: This well known ingredient prevents the Niacin flush. Quercetin is an exceptional vasodilator as is Niacin and quercetin has been studied for everything from endurance and an increase in VO2 Max, fat loss, its strong antioxidant effect, and its antiviral power, however, for Han Swolo's purpose it was included for more than just vasodilation. This ingredient has shown to inhibit the metabolism of giving the ingredients in Han Swolo decent half lives and all the power needed for big training days.


Han Swolo by BLR

Get your Pumps to new levels with Han Swolo by Black Lion Research Now!

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