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AdrenoSurge by BPS

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This Product Has Been Discontinued. See Above For Alternative. 

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Do you need to cycle off of stimulants when taking this for 30 days? Or can you continue to use pre-workouts. I need caffeine to function.
Should I not take a preworkout supplement while using AdrenoSurge?
Can I take Adrenosurge for a week before I start using my appetite suppressant again?
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Penfold Verified Buyer January 29, 2016
Glad I Tried This To Reset My Body Tolerance
  • I thought I'd give these a try having used White Lightning Pre-Workout Capsules for a while and finding that my body was getting used to them and I was having to up the dosage to get any reaction.
    With AdrenoSurge, you don't really notice any immediate effect, however after a week, I was finding myself more relaxed, sleeping better by having one in the morning and one in the evening.
    Amazingly, my workouts were largely unaffected and if anything the relaxed breathing, fitness and recovery showed how much White Lightning had contributed towards getting me into shape over the previous 9 months.
    I followed the recommendation of having no pre-workouts etc during the months course of capsules and feel good/healthy for that.
    I started back on White Lightning today and it works as it did originally back when I first tried it. One word of advice though; don't go back onto an increased dose if you were taking more than one capsule before taking a month off.
    I'll be interested on what happens over the next month with the White Lightning restart as the initial effects last year were fantastic.
    Overall, I'm really pleased with AdrenoSurge and going forward I will do 2 months on pre-workout followed by 1 month AdrenoSurge.
  • Reset my tolerance to pre-workouts.
    Relaxing effect.
  • N/A
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