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Androgin by Black Lion Research

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    Black Lion Research bring massive innovation at a much needed time! With Androgin an advanced plant based anabolic ready to build muscle and burn fat now!

    Androgin by Black Lion Research

    The bodybuilding industry has been quiet for sometime now! But not anymore! Black Lion Research bring massive innovation at a much needed time! With Androgin an advanced plant based anabolic ready to help you build muscle mass, lose fat and increase strength! This scientific wonder works in a very unique way to give you serious results that can change your body composition naturally! 

    Key Benefits:

    • Increase Muscle Mass
    • Increase Strength
    • Reduce Muscle Loss
    • Cut Fat
    • Enhance your performance

    Key Ingredients: 


    The goal at Black Lion research is innovation and forwarding nutraceutical science while delivering products that are above and beyond the usual. For eons people have known that ginseng had powerful properties and it is used  worldwide. But we have trie ginseng, it doesn't do much right? Yes and no, it depends on how its used and in what form. Ancient Chinese were rarely wrong research of a plants usage and effects.  Black Lion has investigated and researched ginseng and discovered it has the power that the ancients once knew and used.

    Ginsenosides: describe a class of many molecules that are found in Ginseng. The term refers to saponins (structures with a dammarane backbone). Ginsenosides unique structure is similar to many anabolics. There are well over 100 ginsenosides and it is not difficult to see the structural similarities between ginsenosides and anabolic hormones like test.

    Blr's research led them to find many of the ginsenosides do behave similar to anabolics but they seem to be a bit different. Each one of the ginsenosides having its own uniqueness but among them are some of the strongest candidates for natural analogues. Many of the ginsenosides bind directly to the androgen receptor (AR) and have an effect. Its been reported that some ginsenosides upregulated AR mRNA expression levels and promote test levels to increase. Ginsenosides appear to have the opposite effect of normal anabolics. Some of the ginsenosides bind to the AR as well as promote better functioning androgen receptors and higher endogenous anabolic levels.


    RG1: Studies into the effects of RG1 showed increases in muscle mass and strength along with significant fat loss. RG1's anti-adipogenic (anti fat) and anti obesity effects are thought to work through inducing AMPK activation, inhibiting lipogenesis, and decreasing intracellular lipid content, adipocyte size, and adipose weight. We also see increased insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. 


    RB1: Binds directly to the androgen receptor, but, again via a unique feedback loop that upticks luteinizing hormone and test levels instead of suppressing it, as it binds to specific receptors and not others while having unique properties at the AR binding site. RB1 also significantly up-regulates Ghrelin which is known as the hunger hormone but it should be known for its ability to stimulate growth hormone secretion and  stimulates GH secretion. It also reduces muscle catabolism and it is through this mechanism by which it decreases muscle loss. RB1 promotes muscle growth and a reduction of muscle loss and increases appetite.


    RB2: A solid performance enhancer and fat burner. RB2 activates CK-MM activity in vitro and in vivo, which increases the levels of tissue phosphocreatine and strengthens the function of the creatine kinase/phosphocreatine system in skeletal muscle, thus buffering cellular ATP, delaying exercise-induced lactate accumulation, and improving exercise performance. In addition RB2 combats body fat by improving insulin sensitivity and increasing energy expenditure. Rb2 induces activation of brown fat and browning of white fat by reducing lipid droplets. 

    Consists of a standardized cistanch extract containing no less than 30% echinacoside with an average of 15% acteoside and 5% tubuloside -a in a cyclodextrin inclusion complex.


    Echinacoside: Also known as ECH, this ingredient shows direct androgen receptor binding activity and anabolic activity. And, like its ginsenoside counterparts it has the very strange action of elevating luteinizing hormone and testosterone in spite of being directly anabolic. ECH inhibits the negative feedback loop caused by test which in turn increases your test levels even further. Its like having a anabolic that works at the androgen receptor but also largely increases test potentially to much higher levels when combined with the other powerful ingredients. ECH has even been suggested for use as a male fertility agent as well. ECH and GH. We have seen that ginsenosides closely resemble anabolic hormones but ECH closely resembled Ghrelin and binds directly to the same receptor. ECH is a natural GHRP and works as well as many of the growth hormone peptides we use in bodybuilding.

    BIO-X Bioavailability Complex:

    The ingredients in this supplement are expensive and the concentration is much higher than another Ginsenoside supplement available anywhere. Ginsenosides show variable oral bioavailability but overall it is low and Echinacoside with show a nearly 0 bioavailability without significant assistance. To assist with this dilemma and bring the power of these ingredients to your body and its muscles there is the BIO X Complex that includes:

    • Cyclodextrins.
    • Citrus bioflavanoids Nobiletin, tangeretin, hisperetin.
    • EGCG
    • Piperine


    Androgin by Black Lion Research

    This powerhouse has very innovative ingredients that look beyond promising - Get Androgin now and get the body you've been waiting for! 

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    Androgin by Black Lion Research Ingredients

    Androgin by Black Lion Research - Supplement Facts

    Directions: Take 1 capsule twice per day.

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