Animal Pak 44 Pack by Universal Nutrition

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Animal Pak 44 Pack by Universal Nutrition

The Perfect Multi Vitamin for the Animal In you!

Your body is pushed to its maximum limits everytime your in the gym, everyday! Your body, joints and muscles need support! How else are you going to reach your goals and mainain a healthy body for the long term. Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition has been a leader in the game for ever and has proven results and a solid track record. 

Animal Pak includes a Performance Complex aimed at preparing your body with the nutrients it needs to be at peak performance daily. 

It also includes an Antioxident Complex created to rid your body of free radicals and unwanted oxidation from the body. 

Animal Pak has a Amino Acid Complex giving your body the essential Amino Acids that you need!

As well as Digestive Complex, get the stuff you dont need out and get it out fast!




Not intended for use by those under the age of 18. This is a potent bodybuilding supplement. Before using this product be sure to seek advice from your physician.

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