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Ready for Lean Muscle? 17-Beta by Isatori is the T-Booster You Need to Try!

Ready for Lean Muscle? 17-Beta by Isatori is the T-Booster You Need to Try!

Posted by Tyler Lacoma on Nov 04, 2020

Today we’re taking a look at a seriously potent supplement that is perfect for fitness fans looking to maximize their gains while staying healthy and energetic. Read on to check out how it works, how people have reviewed the ingredients, and everything else you should know!

17-Beta by iSatori

iSatori has come up with a powerful testosterone amplifier with their 17-Beta formula – a supplement specifically designed to help the body increase its natural production of testosterone. Not only do higher levels of testosterone give you more energy and improve your sex life, but they are also key in building muscle: Testosterone levels naturally increase with exercise, and help the body build muscle mass while reducing fat. It can also help improve bone density and blood flow for a wide variety of health factors.

This particular formula uses a variety of natural ingredients that are  proven to help build muscle while keep T levels high for those who want to see serious results, lots of energy, a high libido, and all the other benefits included. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ingredients!


  • DHEA: This is a specialized anabolic compound that naturally converts into DiHydroTestosterone in the body, so it can get to work burning fat and building lean muscle over time. The great thing about this version of DHEA is that its non-methylated, which means it’s easier on the liver and safer to use.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is famed for its levels of furostanolic saponins, a plant-based chemical that can raise natural testosterone. It’s a common ingredient in T boosters, and for good reason!
  • DAA/D-Aspartic Acid: This particular amino acid is necessary to help keep testosterone levels higher in the blood, while simultaneously increasing nitric oxide levels for faster recovery and muscle healing after workouts. Some studies have even shown that taking this amino acid can increase testosterone levels by as much as 42%!
  • Bulbine: Bubline is an interesting extract that, in the right amount, helps to increase testicular cholesterol. While that doesn’t necessary sound like a good thing, it actually is: This type of cholesterol exists in the testes as the raw building blocks that the body uses to create the necessary chemicals to produce testosterone. Keeping levels up with bulbine ensures that your body will always be able to create enough testosterone to meet demands.
  • Ashwaganda Root: Another popular ingredient in supplements, this is an adaptogen that can help increase endurance and reduce anxiety levels by helping to reduce the levels of cortisol in the body – which is also great for dealing with inflammation and preventing the build up of fat.
  • DIM: DIM affects estrogen metabolism to help maintain levels of testosterone in the bloodstream.
  • Tribulus: You may have heard about tribulus before: It’s a specialized enhancer that has been shown to increase production of luteinizing hormones. That’s key for the production of testosterone, and works excellently with the other ingredients on the list. It can also help improve blood flow, and may reduce the symptoms of angina (non-serious heart pain).
  • Deer antler velvet: It may sound like a strange ingredient, but this supplement is popularly used to help heal cartilage and tendon, and keep it healthy during workouts. That makes it a popular addition to many supplements, especially for those who are planning on intense workouts and muscle growth.



What People Are Saying About 17-Beta:

Reviews on DHEA supplements include praises from people like Kspunky, who said:

I was looking for something to help with the issues I was having but also something that was safe and did not make me jittery. I was skeptical about DHEA but with all the reviews I thought I'd give it a try and I am very glad I did. The main things I was looking for help with include brain fog, bouts of sadness and anxiety, sleepless nights, weight gain and issues with constipation.

Meanwhile, reviews for fenugreek include those like DLB’s, who reported:

I have low testosterone levels and do weekly shots for years. I have blood work every 6 months to measure my T level. The shots get my T level to around 600, but after taking two of these pills morning, like I read in an article on-line, my recent T level blood test was OVER 1500!!! That's too high, so I had to cut down on my shots, and will stop altogether when I run out.”

When it comes to bulbine extract, review Keith Millertime had encouraging words to say:

There are so many factors that affect testosterone that it's hard to pinpoint to one supplement without extensive testing, but I've had good results. Before supplementing I had tested low-ish for free testosterone…Subsequently after less than 1 week with this product I noticed increased libido, mental and physical energy. After a couple of months my muscle tone has increased. Of course with the increased energy I have probably exercised more. I re-tested with the saliva kit and saw a 35% increase.”

The great thing about 17-Beta, of course, is that all these ingredients and many other helpful supplements are combined together in one pill, so you don’t have to juggle a lot of different supplements at the same time.

Isatori 17-beta blog article

17-Beta FAQs:

Can I Take These Supplement with Other Products?

Yes! 17-Beta is designed primarily for muscle growth and testosterone production, but it plays nice with others. It’s a good idea to take it with a protein supplement, so that your body will have enough of the right building blocks to start healing your muscles ASAP. You may also want to consider pairing it with a fat-burner, which usually has caffeine and other ingredients to help boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Is There Any Particular Time I Should Take These Supplements?

These supplements are designed for long-term performance and results, so when you take them isn’t as important as it can be with other supplements. However, it’s a good idea to take them with meals if possible, since that’s easier on your stomach. They can make a great addition to a pre-workout shake, for example. Several of the ingredients in 17-Beta also works best taken around 30 minutes before a workout so that they can be best situated to help repair and grow muscles afterward.

Are These Ingredients Safe?

Yes. All of these ingredients are plant-based or natural compounds, and have been proven in multiple tests to be safe to use. Adaptogens in particular are made of safe, everyday foods and plant materials, just in concentrated quantities and easy-to-digest forms.

What Does Anabolic Mean?

When you see anabolic in a supplement’s description, that just refers to building muscle – specifically, creating more muscle by breaking down protein and other nutrients. It’s an additive term – muscles is being added, as opposed to catabolic, which means that a body is losing muscle.

Now that you have all the details, take the first step and Get 17-Beta by Isatori Now!

Written by Tyler Lacoma. A writer and editor who has appeared on ScreenrantDigital TrendsHuffington Post, and Motley Fool. Tyler has also published a number of books on nutrition and health workout practices, including Your Body: How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle. You can view his portfolio on LinkedIn.