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Achieve Amazing Muscle Mass with Alpha Lion

Achieve Amazing Muscle Mass with Alpha Lion

Posted by Robert Rister on Dec 08, 2020

by Robert Rister

Are you looking for superhuman muscle mass?

Then you need Superhuman Muscle by Alpha Lion.

The superhuman muscle mass generators in Superhuman Muscle by Alpha Lion aren't just its four muscle-building super-ingredients, green tea extract, laxosterone, epicatechin gallate, and Alpha Lion's own patented RIPFACTOR blend. It's the way they are combined so they are delivered to your muscles just when they need them most to bulk out and make you a superhuman alpha lion.

Let's take a look at the science behind this muscle-making miracle.

Superhuman Muscle by Alpha Lion

Green tea extract powers Superhuman Muscle to burn fat.

Green tea helps your muscles replenish their glycogen supply.

Glycogen is a chemical combination of glucose, one of muscle's main fuels, and water. It pumps up your muscles. It gives them bulk. 

When muscle can't get glucose fast enough from the bloodstream, each muscle cell breaks down its glycogen into glucose and water to give you muscle power that doesn't have to come through your bloodstream. Then when you replenish your glycogen post-workout, you build up the bulk that makes muscles beautiful.

But that's not all.

  • Green tea extract increases circulation to your muscles after you work out. Increased circulation delivers the water, glucose, and amino acids your muscles need to absorb in the first two hours after your workout, and it also carries away the hormones that cause muscle soreness and inflammation.
  • A team of Chinese fitness scientists has confirmed that green tea extract helps muscles burn fatty acids after intense exercise. That keeps them from burning the glucose they need to restore their glycogen, and it also helps to keep your fat mass under control. But you need to know that scientists have also confirmed that the saturated fat in fried food and junk food wipes out this effect.
  • Green tea extract can keep you from coming down with a cold or a sinus infection after you work out hard. It's hard to make progress with your training when you get sick. Green tea extract can power your immune system when you put out extra effort in a game, a race, or a workout.

Laxosterone helps muscles build back stronger after your workout.

Laxosterone is the common name for the chemical laxogenin-3-O-beta-D-xylopyranosyl- (1-->4)-alpha-L-arabinopyra nosyl- (1-->6)-beta-D-glucopyranoside. We'll just call it laxosterone. It's found in tu fu ling, also known as smilax, a Chinese herb that traditional medicine uses to support reproduction and urination by "cooling" kidney energies.

What does that have to do with amazing muscle growth?

It turns out that scientists have confirmed that laxosterone "flips the switch" on an enzyme called tyrosine kinase. It "turns off" tyrosine kinase after a workout so your muscles can stop burning fuel anaerobically, without oxygen. Laxogerone lets you feel the burn when you work out hard, but it stops the burn when you stop working out hard so your muscles can focus on recovery. It lets your muscles spend their post-workout energy absorbing water and nutrients to make more glycogen and build new muscle fibers. 

But laxosterone slows down muscle absorption of oxygen after a workout. It "flips the switch" on the oxygenation processes catalyzed by tyrosine kinase. This is a good thing, because too much oxygen results in the production of free radicals of oxygen. Free radicals of oxygen power inflammation that gives your sore muscles. Laxosterone prevents sore muscles at the same time it helps muscles build back stronger after your workout or after your game.

Laxosterone makes sure that your muscles stop fighting battles they have already won. It helps them switch from workout mode to growth and recovery mode. You achieve amazing muscle mass faster because your muscles are able to get down to business with growth faster.

Superhuman muscle by alpha lion

Epicatechin helps you build new muscle and operate your muscles with greater energy efficiency.

Epicatechin gallate, or epicatechin for short, is a concentrated green tea compound put in Alpha Lion to give you more muscle than you ever had before. This compound sends a signal called Myf5 to stem cells that they should become muscle cells instead of, say, fat cells. It activates creatine kinase.

You are probably familiar with creatine kinase.

Creatine kinase buffers the use of energy in your muscles, and also in your eyes, in your brain, and in sperm. It keeps cells from using ATP too fast.

It's a bad diagnostic sign to have elevated levels of creatine kinase after an injury or a heart attack or when you have kidney disease. It's a sign of tissue damage. But epicatechin doesn't cause your body to make more creatine kinase. It helps your body use the creatine kinase it already has to use energy more efficiently. Muscles are more powerful. Retinas pick up contrast better. Sperm have more swimming ability.

If you have creatine in your stack, it makes sense to take Alpha Lion so your muscles can make better use of it.

And Alpha Lion's RIPFACTOR puts it all together.

RIPFACTOR isn't just one ingredient. It's two. It's a combination of mango bark (Mangifera indica cortex) and East Indian globe thistle flower buds (Sphaeranhtus indicus flores). These two Ayurvedic herbs have been shown in proprietary clinical trials to:

  • Increase upper body strength (19.4 pounds to 49.7 pounds), lower body strength (19.2 pounds to 42.1 pounds), and muscle endurance in just eight weeks.
  • Increase upper arm circumference and lean body mass in as little as two weeks.

Mango gives you even more muscle power when you take care to get your daily greens.The combination of mango bark and quercetin from green vegetables gives you extra power when you sprint. Some of the latest scientific research shows that it also blocks pain after muscle damage in competition or overtraining.

East Indian globe thistle flower buds by themselves reduce insulin resistance. That's important for muscle building, because insulin carries the amino acids and glucose muscle cells need to rebuild themselves after a workout.

Let's not forget that Alpha Lion also contains bioperine. It's a black pepper extract that helps make sure your gut absorbs all the active ingredients of the formula.

So, what do people say about Superhuman Muscle by Alpha Lion?

The truth is, Superhuman Muscle by Alpha Lion hasn't been out long enough to get reviews. But we can review its benefits for you.

Superhuman Muscle by Alpha Lion:

  • Pumps up muscle by replenishing your glycogen supply.
  • Makes sure your muscles burn fat, not just sugar.
  • Turns off the burn when you have finished your work out.
  • Beats back muscle pain and inflammation.
  • Keeps you from coming down with infections.
  • Helps your muscles use creatine better.
  • Increases upper body strength.
  • Increases lower body strength.
  • Increase upper arm circumference.
  • Increases lean body mass.

And it does all of these things without any side effects as long as you follow label directions.

Get your Superhuman Alpha Lion Muscle power at the Strong Supplement Shop. Don't go even one more workout without it.

Authored by Robert Rister

Author Bio: Robert is a Chemist, formulator, translator, and educator, he has written two bestsellers and over 5,000 articles on natural medicine and appeared on 300 radio and television programs as a guest commentator on evidence-based natural health. Robert also helped to formulate one of the most effective and bestselling stacks for weight loss before Edge of Insanity came on the scene.


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