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Why Alpha Lean-7 Is The Best Fat Burning Stack

Why Alpha Lean-7 Is The Best Fat Burning Stack

Posted by Robert Rister on Jul 05, 2019

By Robert Rister 

Alpha Lean-7 reviews are written by some really enthusiastic people. Among the hundreds of kudos to Hard Rock Supplements about their #1 ranked Fat burner are:

“Alpha Lean-7 is a body fat blow torch!”

“It takes your weight loss journey from conventional to EPIC!”

“Hard Rock Supplements makes a violent assault on fat cells!”

Alpha Lean 7 Model

Very few weight loss products live up to their hype. Alpha Lean-7 is one that does. But this article isn't going to scream all the weight-loss benefits of Alpha Lean 7 at you until you buy. This article takes a calm, science-based look at why this product is your very best fat burner, and why Alpha Lean-7 reviews justifiably make it the #1 ranked fat burner year after year after year.

Let's take a closer look at what the ingredients in Alpha Lean-7 really do, and what they really don't. But first let's look at why Alpha Lean-7 is the sensible successor to the greatest fat burning stacks in history.

Stimulant fat burners have been controversial since the 1990s. Millions of people found weight loss success with the combination of ephe, a stimulant chemical that can be synthesized in the lab or extract from a Chinese herb called ma huang, caffeine, and aspirin. The first couple of months people took E- phedr -a and aspirin together, their blood pressure bumped up about 4 points, on average.

After the first couple of months, blood pressure returned to normal, but calorie burning was accelerated. A clinical study showed that people lost an average of 35 pounds (16 kilos) per year without dieting. In one clinical trial, one participant lost 145 pounds (66 kilos) in 13 months without intentional food restriction. No clinical trial found any significant problems with blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol with long-term use of the combo.

How did this work? The ingredient stimulated the body to produce a hormone called norepinephrine. The caffeine increased the sensitivity of nerves that control muscles to the hormone. The aspirin prevented inflammation that would interrupt the weight loss effect. It was an unbelievably effective combo, except it lived up to its hype. Unfortunately, it's not around anymore.

Problems arose in 1995 when college students started using it for recreation and partying on spring break. One college student died after taking an entire bottle of diet pills, and there was a national outcry to banish it from the market. If you can get sick or die by taking 100 times the recommended dose, regulators decided, then the product has to be taken off the market. (That's an actual standard for natural medicines in most countries.) That's exactly what happened in the US. HealthCanada even some banned herbs that look like it, whether or not they were actually stimulant.

The weight loss industry had to find a natural, safe, and effective substitute for the herb they could no longer sell. Companies went in two directions with this. Some companies used the reasoning, "It was in cough syrup, so maybe it is stuff that is in cough syrup' that makes people lose weight." These companies went with an ingredient called D --M --A --A.

It worked for weight loss. Was it natural? Well that's debatable. A chemical that actually comes from geraniums was found in a weight loss pill a healthy young person took before dying of a hemorrhagic stroke. So the FDA and HealthCanada banned it just to be on the safe side.

Fortunately, not every company went that route.

Alpha Lean 7 Male Model

Hard Rock Supplements created the world's best fat burner with an extract of oranges. They use about the same amount of this extract in their product as you would get from half of an 8-ounce glass of orange juice. The FDA and HealthCanada aren't going to ban oranges. And it turns out that this extract, which is just one of the ingredients in Alpha Lean 7 by Hard Rock Supplements, does some pretty remarkable things.

  • Orange trees, it turns out, are better at making this extract than chemical companies. Synthetic versions of this extract contain isomers that don't do anything in the body. Bitter orange extract however has a molecular configuration that binds to β‐3 adrenergic receptors. These nerve endings don't have anything to do with heart rate or blood pressure. They just tell fat cells it's time to release their stored fat as fatty acids so muscles can burn them when you exercise. When you consume Alpha Lean-7, and then you exercise, your muscles burn fat in preference to sugar.
  • This extract also blocks some fat-burning inhibitors. Most people don't know that foods that contain the amino acid tyramine (aged cheeses, smoked fish, beers on tap or home-brewed beers, sausage, salami, fava beans, pickles, kimchi, miso, and stinky tofu) interfere with the ability of fat cells to break down and release fat. The effect isn't related to calories in these foods. It's the tyramine. There are people who can't lose weight because of these foods. This extract counteracts the tyramine effect.

But Alpha Lean 7 doesn't stop there. It also contains green tea extract. You've probably seen advertising that boldly announces "Green tea wages war on fat!" Well, not exactly. Green tea enables you to wage war on fat. Here's how:

  • One of the chemical components of green tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), suppresses the release of sugar from glycogen stored in the liver and the muscles. This has two effects. One is that encouraging your muscles to burn fatty acids (see above) instead of sugar from their stored glycogen keeps them "pumped up." You have to stay hydrated to get this effect, but you'll see the effects on your muscle mass. The other benefit of green tea EGCG is that it stops the liver from breaking down its stored glycogen into glucose. This keeps your blood sugar levels lower, and reduces insulin resistance. When you have less insulin resistance, you have less insulin your bloodstream. Insulin "locks" fat in fat cells. Lower insulin levels allows fat in your fat cells to liquefy, so they can pump it out to be burned by your muscles.
  • Nearly all of us hit a plateau in our training programs. One of the reasons for this is the way a protein called AMP-kinase works in muscle. This enzyme slows down fat synthesis. The more you work out, the more AMP-kinase you have in your lean muscle. However, this fat-blocking enzyme becomes less and less active the more your muscles make of it. Green tea polyphenols reactivate AMP-kinase. This keeps your metabolism preferring muscle production over fat production.
Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements

Alpha Lean 7 also offers more, with these powerful ingredients:

  • Betaine helps your stomach break down food so you don't get bloated.
  • Caffeine is a co-factor for green tea. It also holds down water weight.
  • Cissus quadrangularis lowers blood sugar levels, so your body doesn't need as much insulin. The less insulin in your bloodstream, the easier it is for your fat cells to liquefy and release stored fat to be burned by your muscles.
  • Dandelion is a gentle diuretic. It's also a great source of minerals and B vitamins.
  • Eria jarensis is an orchid that contains N,N-dimethylphenethylamine (N,N-DMPEA.). This compound does something you might not expect. It gives you a nose for healthy food. It helps your brain respond to food that's good for you.
  • L-carnitine helps cells throughout your body create energy.

Alpha Lean-7 is unquestionably the best weight loss stack on the market. Hundreds of reviewers aren't wrong. But Alpha Lean-7 doesn't do the work of weight loss for you. You are the hero of your own weight loss story. Alpha Lean-7 makes your efforts a lot faster and a lot more successful.

By Robert Rister

Chemist, formulator, translator, and educator, Robert Rister has written two bestsellers and over 5,000 articles on natural medicine and appeared on 300 radio and television programs as a guest commentator on evidence-based natural health. He also helped to formulate one of the most effective and bestselling stacks for weight loss before Hard Rock Supplements came on the scene.


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