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An Out Of The Body Muscle Gaining Experience

An Out Of The Body Muscle Gaining Experience

Posted by Staff Writer on Apr 18, 2020

Getting an extraordinary physique means taking the road less traveled. It means making sacrifices and choices that average people just won’t in order to stand among the elite. But if you’re one of the dedicated, you know it’s just not enough to dial in your diet and workout routine - if you really want to stand out among the crowd, you must hone in your ritual to include the top supplements that science currently has to offer, even if they don’t look like the stuff we’re used to seeing on the shelves at the local vitamin store.

Never one for the conventional, Iconic Formulations again pushes the envelope with their latest cutting prohormone: Icon One. Coupling their unique transdermal delivery system with proven, powerful anabolics, Icon One looks to be on the cutting edge of supplement evolution.

Icon One includes two forms of a pre-cursor to DHEA: 5-DHEA and 1-dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA converts in the body to testosterone, which in some studies has shown to improve overall athletic performance 1. In fact, one study actually showed that DHEA metabolites (i.e. testosterone) rose significantly after transdermal application, specifically 2, which suggests that transdermal application can aid in the increase of testosterone levels.

This all sounds well and great when you’re looking to put on size and pump up your libido, but where does the cutting aspect come in? A study published by JAMA in 2004 actually showed that over a 6 month period, the male subjects lost 7.4% of their visceral fat, and an average of 6% reduction in abdominal fat specifically 3.

The bottom line? If you’re looking to ramp up your physique to elite proportions, Icon One may be the answer to your cutting woes. Get Icon One now, available at Strong Supplement Shop.