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Unleash Your Animal Nature and Maximize Gains Naturally with Alpha Lion Supplements!

Unleash Your Animal Nature and Maximize Gains Naturally with Alpha Lion Supplements!

Posted by Alissa Carpio on Sep 08, 2020

By Alissa Carpio

If you’re the type of person that just won’t settle for mediocrity and you believe that greatness lies within you, then you’re an Alpha Lion!

Too many people give up on their dreams before they’ve even given them a real chance. The founders of Alpha Lion Supplements know how frustrating it is to keep trying only to fail again and again. But they never settled for failure, and they believed in creating a pure supplement line with strong and effective ingredients that actually worked!  Alpha Lion Supplements believes greatness lies within you, too. You only need to tap into it with hard work, consistency and a never give up attitude!

Where can I buy Alpha Lion Supplements?

Strong Supplements features some of the best of the Alpha Lion line for fat burning, muscle gains and strength gains.  Transform into an Alpha Lion Superhuman with testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers, muscle hardeners, powerful pre workouts, and cutting agents.

The Most Powerful Alpha Lion Supplements

Alpha Lion Preworkout

SuperHuman PreWorkout

SuperHuman PreWorkout by Alpha Lion Supplements

Alpha Lion SuperHuman was created to give you the 5 pillars of a perfect preworkout:

1.     Intense Energy with no Crash

Two forms of caffeine, plus L-Theanine, provide an intense burst of stimulant for energy and sustained focus [1], with zero crash.

2.     Superhuman Strength and Endurance

3200mg of Beta Alanine is clinically dosed to increase muscle carnosine levels [2] and result in greater muscle endurance.  Betaine Anhydrous [3] promotes your recovery between sets to boost your workout performance. Together, this combination allows you to train harder, longer, thus promoting the strength and muscle building process.

3.     Skin-Tearing Pumps

Nitric Oxide is the key to amazing pumps! We provide an above clinical dose of l-citrulline plus to patented versions of NO to work together for the ultimate pump. S7 has been shown to increase NO production by 260%. Nitrosigine, our inositol-stabliized arginine, is a potent NO precursor [4] which is one less step in the breaking down process, as backed by clinical science.

4.     Optimized Performance

Our powerful, long-lasting stimulants, set extenders, and pump enhancers give you proven ingredients that will take your workouts to the ultimate level! Even when motivation is low or you’re feeling tired, you can rely on SUPERHUMAN to help you get the job done.

5.     Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Without the proper breakdown and assimilation of ingredients, you simply won’t be getting the most out of any supplement. That’s why Alpha Lion includes two patented ingredients that enhance nutrient availability and gut health for maximum absorption: BioPerine and AstraGin.

People are going crazy for Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pre workout! 

SuperHuman Supreme PreWorkout (Hulk Juice)

SuperHuman Supreme by Alpha Lion Supplements

How do you make the #1 hardcore stim pre workout even better?  You add key ingredients that maximize uptake and absorption while increasing the euphoric feeling.  Alpha Lion has surpassed them all with their SuperHuman Supreme Pre Workout.  It starts with a hefty dose of Juniper Berry Extract for that happy high you want before hitting the weights heavy and hard.  Next, add AstraGin (Panax notroginseng) absorption matrix [5] to ensure you’re getting every last bit of these powerful ingredients surging through your body. Your workouts will never be the same!

The focus, energy, endurance, pump, performance, and uptake are all in SuperHuman Hulk Juice as the 5 key pillars of this best-selling preworkout. Try it once, and you’ll get it!

                    “The Superhuman preworkout has been a game changer. I’ve tried lots of other brands, but none give me the pump and endurance that this one offers. The Unicorn Juice and Hulk Juice both taste great! In 3 months of using this product, I’ve seen significant results with my workouts, giving me the next level of “push” that I was lacking.”          -Sara, 12/13/2019

Alpha Lion Fat Burner

Alpha Shredder

Alpha Shredder by Alpha Lion Supplements

What makes Alpha Shredder so potent it can easily melt away unwanted body fat?  The combination of 11 powerful ingredients, including the “Green Goblin of Fat Burning” triple combination: Matcha Green Tea, Green Tea Extract, and Green Coffee Extract [6].

Yohimbine HCL is a powerful thermogenic that ignites your body heat and fat burning [7], giving a hard, dry and shredded look.

“Powerful. Lasting. Thermogenic. Provides plenty of energy. I'm not even using a full dose yet. This is by far the best fat burner I've tried. I love the utilization of green tea and green coffee bean.”       -Terrance, 8/15/2020

“Shredder works great. With the help of Shredder, I have lost 8 pant sizes, and lost over 100lbs within 5 months.” -Brian, 5/25/2019

Alpha Lion Muscle Builder

Lions Blood

Lions Blood by Alpha Lion Supplements

How does Lions Blood work? Two potent ingredients combine to suppress chemicals in your body that inhibit muscle growth.  Myostatin and cortisol [8] are nasty obstructions to muscle synthesis and fat loss.  By adding Epicatechin to suppress the myostatin and Laxosterone to inhibit cortisol, your gains are taken to the maximum level [9], naturally! Unleash your true muscle building potential with Alpha Lion Lions Blood.

Alpha Gains

Alpha Gains by Alpha Lion Supplements

Is it possible to boost testosterone, block estrogen, build muscle, increase libido, and accelerate fat loss, all with one product?  Yes, with Alpha Gains!

Alpha Lion thought of everything when designing this product, and the 5 Matrix formula has proven to be one of the strongest and most powerful testosterone products on the market today! So how does Alpha Gains really work?

ALPHA TEST MATRIX. Three synergistic testosterone boosting powerhouse ingredients, including aspartic acid, which can stimulate the NMDA receptor [10] and release gonadotropin releasing hormone.

ALPHA ANTI-ESTROGEN MATRIX. Put the testosterone you have to work without any unwanted side effects or aromatization. Harder, fuller muscles and accelerated fat and water loss.

ALPHA LIBIDO MATRIX. Spike free testosterone and boost your performance in the bedroom.

ALPHA X FACTOR MATRIX. Supporting men’s health while on cycle with Saw Palmetto.

MAX ABSORPTION MATRIX. And of course, our gut health blend [11] to maximize uptake and absorption to get the most out of your cycle!

“Did the stack and it works great. I love the feeling while in the gym and could see the results after a week or so. The first time I took the pills daily and felt like I was over doing it. The second time around I took them on my heavy lift days, and it seemed to work even better. Best part is no cycling on and off!” -Zachery, 6/21/2020

Alpha Lion Supplements - Maximize your gains

What’s the Best Stack for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss?

The key to maximizing your results is to optimize your training intensity, increase nutrient uptake and absorption, and enhance your recovery for muscle repair and strength for your next training session.

1.     Optimize Training Intensity with SuperHuman Supreme Pre Workout

Alpha Lion’s most potent preworkout is not for the weary. If you want the most out of every rep and every set, start with the strongest preworkout on the line.

2.     Enhance Recovery with Lions Blood

With Lions Blood, your body will be able to recover fully from those high-intensity training sessions, repairing muscle fibers and inhibiting stress hormone buildup and inflammation.

3.     Boost Testosterone and Block Estrogen with Alpha Gains

By taking this product twice daily, your body will be in 24-hour testosterone production mode.  Combine that with the estrogen blocker and the nutrient absorption matrix, and you’ll get the most out of all three products with this triple-threat stack.

You can find these best-selling Alpha Lion Supplements at

Author Bio:

Written by  Alissa Carpio, a IFBB Figure Pro and 2017 NPC National Fitness Champion, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and mom of two living in Rock Hill, SC. You can follow her contest prep, supplement reviews, behind the scenes and more on YouTube: All Things Alissa, and Instagram @alissa_carpio.


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