Cheetah Burn Non Stim Fat Loss Formula by Alpha Lion

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Want to burn fat fast? You need the speed of a cheetah! Cheetah Burn by Alpha Lion provides fat loss at a rapid rate!
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Cheetah Burn Non Stim Fat Loss Formula by Alpha Lion - Supplement Facts

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Cheetah Burn by Alpha Lion

Want to burn fat fast? You need the speed of a cheetah! Cheetah Burn by Alpha Lion provides fat loss at a rapid rate! Go full speed ahead with a solid formula with 7 patented powerful ingredients and 5 Matrixes all at big doses!

Cheetah Burn increases your thermogenesis, suppresses your appetite, increases your metabolism and reduces water weight! In addition to all these great benefits Cheetah Burn is non stim so it's stackable with other stim supps to elevate your fat loss to an even higher level!

Get Cheetah Burn and Burn Fat Fast! 

Key Benefits of Cheetah Burn: 

  • Increase Weight Loss
  • Increase Thermogenesis
  • Reduce Appetite
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Shed Water
  • Stimulant Free

Key Ingredients: 

Paradoxine: This powerful ingredient is also known as Aframomum Melegueta, supports the stimulation of fat burning through Brown adipose tissue activation. Paradoxine also increases your body's energy expenditure. This ingredient has shown to convert white fat (stored fat) to brown fat (quick disposable fat). 

ProGBB: This ingredient aids in increasing the body's production of Carnitine, and helps to increase energy levels and athletic performance while losing weight. 

InnoSlim: This ingredient aids in the regulation of fat, muscle and glucose metabolism. InnoSlim has been shown to have positive effects in reducing glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and increasing fat cell combustion and muscle cell glycogen synthesis. 

Capsimax: Capsimax™ is a patent-pending encapsulated form of premium, highly concentrated natural capsicum extract. Using a proprietary matrix of excipients and coatings, Capsimax™ capsicum extract gives users the maximum effectiveness of capsaicinoids while reducing the chance of oral or gastric irritation, thus erasing the negative side effects of traditional capsicum supplementation.*

In several clinical trials Capsimax™ capsicum was suggested to help increase diet-induced thermogenesis, manage appetite and support healthy body composition.*

Forclean: This ingredient is the active compound forskolin which increases cellular levels of a cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This elevation is associated with increased rates of fat loss, as well as can improve the effects of other fat burning ingredients.

Ashwagandha KSM-66: KSM-66® has been shown to help reduce levels of cortisol in the body. Commonly referred to as a ‘stress hormone’, chronically elevated levels of cortisol can promote fat storage and sugar cravings. Cortisol is also catabolic meaning that it can cause muscle breakdown and inhibit anabolism (muscle building).

Bioperine: Also known as Piper Nigrum, this ingredient ties all of the other ingredients together. Bioperine helps to increase the bioavailability of all the other ingredients. Bioperine has been shown to dramatically increase the digestion and assimilation of ingredients. In one study, subjects taking pharmacokinetics of curcumin yielded a 2,000% increase in bioavailability when using it within bioperine, in addition to this curcumin is a very difficult compound to absorb. Thus adding this ingredient the body can further enjoy all the benefits that the entire formula has to offer. 

Burn Fat Fast with Cheetah Burn by Alpha Lion!

Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn

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