Dark Matter by MHP

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Dark Matter by MHP is the ultimate post workout drink on the market!!! Get it Now. Same Day Shipping.

Supplement Facts

Directions For Dark Matter: DARK MATTER is your ultimate post workout muscle growth accelerator designed to be taken immediately after your workout before you consume any other shake or meal. All other substances will only slow down the precise nutrient infusion of the high velocity nano-physic particles in DARK MATTER, shorten your anabolic window and impede maximum muscle growth and recovery.


Add 2 scoops to 20oz of water in a glass or shaker bottle immediately after training. Stir or shake vigorously. Any other post-workout shake or meal may be taken 1 hour later.

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Product Description

Dark Matter by MHP


Blast through those intense workouts and end with a refreshing post workout drink by MHP!

Dark Matter by MHP is the ultimate carbohydrate supplement on the market.

Post workout nutrition stimulates muscle growth and promotes recovery.

Dark Matter gives you the opportunity to reap all the benefits of your “anabolic window”.  This fast absorbing post workout formula allows bodybuilders to maximize this muscle building opportunity and pack on solid muscle!!

This is a clean carbohydrate product that can be very beneficial for pre-workout use as well.

Carbohydrates give you sustained amount of energy throughout your workout and also helps reduce muscle fatigue. Addionally Dark Matter is packed with Amino Acids which are extremely beneficial during and after your workouts.

Dark Matter contains top of the line ingredients to form the most advanced and effective post workout supplementation in its class.

What are the active ingredients in Dark Matter?

ProSynthagen: Known to increase protein synthesis faster than any other post workout. ProSynthagen combines free form amino acids together to increase protein synthesis. This dual transport system makes it easier and faster to combine amino acids with Leucrose, which promotes muscle growth.   

Hydrosize: Hydrosize is the creatine transport and cell volumizing phase. This phase provides creatine in the form of creatine pyruvate and creatine gluconate to be transported in pairs to rapidly increase insulin levels. The constant supply of creatine will aid in muscle growth and cell volumization.

What are the benefits of Dark Matter?

-Muscle Growth


-Fast Absorbing

-Increase Protein Synthesis

-Spikes Insulin

-Delicious Taste

Can you stack Dark Matter with other MHP products?

Yes, combine Dark Matter with Up Your Mass and T-Bomb II for maximum results, This makes for the ultimate mass builder stack, perfect for HARD GAINERS looking to put on some solid size. Push past plateaus and send the scale upwards with this MHP stack! 

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