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Ecdisten by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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    Ecdisten by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is the new muscle growth and recovery supplement that packs a big punch!

    Ecdisten by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 

    Looking for a natural muscle builder that supports strength improvements and muscle growth? Ecdisten by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is the new muscle growth and recovery supplement that packs a big punch! One study of Ecdysterone, the potent ingredient in Ecdisten, showed a 20% increase in protein synthesis. Using the increase in protein synthesis the body then uses the protein to build muscle, recover quicker and improve strength! Get Ecdisten by Hi Tech now and get results! 


    Key Benefits:

    • Improve Lean Muscle
    • Study Backed
    • Enhanced Bioavailability
    • Supports Optimal Levels of Male Hormones
    • Increase Strength
    • Increase Protein Synthesis


    Key Ingredient:

    Beta Ecdysterone: Also known as Ecdysterone is a studied ingredient that showed significantly higher increases in muscle mass and strength amongst study participants during "Ecdysteroids as Non-Conventional Anabolic Agent Study" which took place in 2019.  The 10 week study also showed significantly more pronounced increases in one-repetition bench press performance. Derived from natural sources, 20-Hydroxyecdysone is found in plants and arthropods, and works by binding to estrogen receptors in the body. 

    Ecdisten by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

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    Ecdisten by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

    Ecdisten by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - Supplement Facts

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