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Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs (VL)


Vital Labs (VL)

Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs (VL)

Maximize Your Protein Synthesis for More Gains and Recovery:

Add an Estrogen Control Agent (Reduce Fat + Build Mass):

Maximize your Gains! Stack with a Test Booster:

Boost Your Growth Hormone for More Lean Muscle and Fat Loss:


Vital Labs presents Epi 2.0, one of the most potent non hormonal anabolic agents available today!
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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 2 Capsules
 Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving%DV
(-)-Epicatechin 225mg **
Proprietary Blend 212.5mg **
Quercetin   **
Sodium Caprate   **
Piperine   **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour  


Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement take one serving (2 capsules) twice daily with food for a total of 4 capsules daily. Discontinue if any adverse reactions occur and consult a physician. 


Product Description

Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs

Anabolic Invasion is upon us!

Technological advancements are pushing the limits of what's naturally possible! Not just slightly pushing, but massively pushing, resulting in the development of a new anabolic agent!

The Anabolic Alchemy collection welcomes its newest member Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs - A Strong Supplement Shop Exclusive and Game-Changing Lean Bulking Anabolic Agent!

What makes Epi 2.0 a Game-Changer?

It utilizes a recent advance in anabolic research, a non-hormonal agent that vastly increases lean mass, muscle hardness, and muscle endurance. The new ingredient is called Epicatechin (Epi).

But leave it to the innovators at Vital Labs to keep on advancing the technology, they didn't just settle for packaging one of the most effective lean muscle gainers available today, they studied it and made it even better.

Brand new advances in pharmaceutical research, discovered after the development of standard Epicatechin allowed Vital Labs to greatly improve the ingredients effectiveness, making it up to 3 times more potent than plain Epicatechin!

These advances not only allowed Vital Labs to increase the ingredients potency, it also allowed them to almost double the amount of time it stays active in your body to promote maximum muscle growth!

As if a 3X increase in potency wasn't enough they took that ingredient and increased its value with a larger dose that is up to 225% more product than competing products.

Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs

The end result is Epi 2.0, a new product that allows you to cheat your genetics!

How does it do that?

By reducing a natural growth factor protein called Myostatin, which is a protein that exists in your body to genetically limit your muscle growth. Epi reduces Myostatin by boosting another protein called Follistatin. Follistatin is a blocker of Myostatin, so the more Follistatin you have, the less Myostatin you will have; and a recent study showed that Epi was able to boost Follistatin levels by up to 250%, ripping down the restrictions of muscle growth!

Taking down those restrictions supports:

  • Increases in Lean Mass
  • Increases in Strength
  • Increases in Muscle Hardness
  • Increases in Muscle Endurance
  • Increases in Muscle Recovery
  • Decreases in Body Fat
  • Increases in Muscle Pumps
  • Increases in Protein Synthesis

Take down those restrictions and fuse it with technological advancements, and you have entered a new paradigm for muscle growth!

While the competition is still trying to figure out how to get their version of Epi 1.0 to work, Vital Labs brings to you Epi 2.0 - The most effective and potent Epicatechin supplement available today.

Why Is Epi 2.0 So Much More Effective Than the Competition?

Vital Labs carefully analyzed Epicatechin, and the unfortunate truth was that when people were taking it, their body was deactivating and barely absorbing majority of it, limiting its effectiveness.

The compound that helps you push past your own genetic potential, wasn't even coming close to meeting its own potential.

The problem was the way your body metabolized the compound. Once in your system, the enzyme that metabolizes Epi would attach a sulfur atom to it - this is what causes the deactivation of the compound. Those same enzymes are also highly present in your skin, so Vital Labs had to immediately rule out a version of the product that you would rub on your skin (transdermal), as that would make the ingredient even less effective.

Vital Labs then discovered the answer to this problem.

The answer lies with an ingredient called Quercetin: an ingredient that inhibits this process, preventing the compound from being deactivated.

In fact, it prevents the deactivation so well, that it is almost doubles the amount of time the compound remains active (half-life) in your system.

Vital Labs went and upped the ante by adding in a massively strong, selective absorption promoter to the formula called Sodium Caprate. An ingredient that temporarily loosens the barriers between your intestines and blood stream selectively allowing compounds like Epi in, and allowing you to get the maximum amount of Epi absorbed!

This combination of ingredients increases the potency of Epi by up to 300%.

To top it all off, Epi 2.0 packs a hardcore dose of Epicatechin providing you with up to 225% more product per serving for maximum muscle growth!

There's no question about it, Epi 2.0 is the most potent product of its kind.

Build Lean Hard Muscle with Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs! Get it Now!

Additional Benefits of Epi 2.0:

  • All Natural Formula
  • Works in Addition to Your Testosterone
  • Helps Improve Energy
  • Can be Used by Both Men and Women
  • Can be Used for up to 12 weeks at a Time
  • No On Cycle Support or PCT Needed

Key Ingredients of Epi 2.0:

Epicatechin: Epicatechin is a flavanol found in certain plants such as green tea and cocoa; and is a powerful antioxidant that helps decrease Myostatin. Myostatin is the greatest single catabolic limiting factor of muscle growth. This natural growth factor protein exists in our bodies and works to regulate and limit muscle growth in a genetically predetermined pattern. Myostatin actually suppresses muscle growth! Epicatechin works to decrease Myostatin which helps to reduce these limiting factors, promoting muscle development beyond your genetic potential.

Quercetin: A flavanol commonly found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains primarily used to support normal respiratory health, cardiovascular health, and balanced blood pressure. In the case of Epicatechin, Quercetin inhibits the enzyme class known as “sulfotransferases” from binding to Epicatechin and attaching a sulfur atom to it, preventing its deactivation.

Sodium Caprate: Sodium Caprate is a salt of capric acid and is an absorption promoter, increasing the oral bioavailability of poorly permeable compounds across the gut wall. Sodium Caprate temporarily dilates tight junctions in the intestinal epithelium allowing small molecules to pass through into the bloodstream.

Suggested Usage of Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs

With Epi 2.0 you will be taking a total of 4 capsules daily. Take 2 capsules in the morning with food, and 2 capsules roughly 6 hours later with food. Ideally, take one of the doses pre-workout.

For optimal results, cycle Epi 2.0 for 8-12 weeks (2-3 bottles).

Suggested Add Ons:

Bio-Gro by iSatori: Bio-Gro contains Bio-Active peptides which helps increase your body's protein turnover rate. The more protein your body can synthesize, the more muscle you can build.

Eradicate by Blackstone Labs: Adding and an estrogen control agent will help to decrease body fat and raise your natural testosterone levels - helping to increase lean mass and serving as a strong recomp agent.

DAA Max by Vital Labs: The #1 rated testosterone booster, D-Aspartic acid is a safe, natural way to effectively raise the body's natural testosterone levels. Increased testosterone levels lead to increased energy levels, increased strength, lean muscle mass gains, increased fat burning, and elevated sex drive.

Get the Most Effective Epicatechin Supplement and Build Lean Hard Muscle with Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs! Get it Now!

Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs

WARNING: Not for use of persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are currently breast feeding, pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor prior to use if you have any medical conditions or if you are taking any other medications. Discontinue use immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting or other similar symptoms.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet, supplement, or exercise regimen.

Questions & Answers

Product Questions

If you had to choose between EPI 2.0 or Osta Shred, which would you choose and why when trying to gain lean muscle mass and decrease body fat? Can Epi 2.0 be taken when you're on PCT?
Would Epi-2.0 cause any false positives within a drug/ urine test?
I have a good amount of Epi2A3A left from my original purchase. Can I finish this amount then transfer over to starting a cycle of Epi 2.0?
So will Epi 2.0 replace Anafuse? The ingredients look similar.
Are there any side effects associated with this product?
What are the side effects?
I understand that Epi 2.0 is much safer but at the end Its also milder than Epi2A3A in overall end results right?
How permanent or sustainable are the results when using Epi 2.0? I'm not planning on taking another cycle but I will still be on the same workout plan
Can college athletes use Epi 2.0?
How long before my workout should I take epi 2.0?
I want to stack Epi 2.0 with DAA Max and Estrogenex. Will this give me good results? When should I take each pill?
Is this Epi 2.0 designed more for muscle gains or fat loss?
How does this product compare to the original Epi2a3a?
Would this be best to continue my cutting or is Epi 2.0 more for the bulking?
Can results be similar to Epi2a3a?
If I miss a dose of epi 2.0 will it mess up my cycle?
Can it be stacked with Nano Genin?
Do I have to take a dose of Epi 2.0 an hour before my workout or can it be taken about 20-30 minutes before?
Will I build up a tolerance if I take this product for 12 weeks?
How long can you stay on Epi 2.0?
I'm planning to take Epi 2.0 with Super DMZ, Halodrol and Androvar. Would Epi 2.0 stack well with these others?
Can I stack EPI 2.0 with Osta Shred?
I plan on running EPI 2.0 along with Nano Genin. I prefer to workout early morning on an empty stomach. Should I take them before my workouts without food or wait till after my workout and take them with food?
Will this show up on a performance drug test?
Can women take EPI 2.0?
When stacking with Ostapure what would be an ideal schedule or protocol?
What would be a good product to stack with Epi 2.0? Do I need a PCT?
Do I need to take an estrogen blocker when using Epi 2.0?
Does it matter where and how I store Epi 2.0?
Do I have to take epi 2.0 with a meal or food? If so why and can it just be a snack?
When stacking Osta Shred and EPI 2.0, what should my dosing schedule look like?
So after reading the questions would this be better utilized to maintain, bulking, or cutting?
Will Epi 2.0 have any effect on my libido? I am taking during a PCT with Apex Male?
Why would it be necessary to stagger the doses between osta and epi 2.0?
Can Epi 2.0 be stacked with prohormones? Also, can this be taken when your on PCT?
Can I take this product with Anafuse? If so, would I need a PCT? What kind of gains can I expect?
Can you take Epi 2.0 for 12 weeks or longer or will your body start building a tolerance to it?
When do you start noticing the results of EPI 2.0? Also if taken with food, can it be taken with vitamins or should be taken on its own.
After you finish a cycle of Epi 2.0, how long should you wait to start your next cycle of it?
Can this be stacked with a fat burner like White Lightning?
I plan to run this product with Arime Stage PCT 50 and Nano Genin. What would be the suggested dose on the days of morning work outs, evening work outs, and twice a day work outs?
All Reviews
Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 2 Capsules
 Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving%DV
(-)-Epicatechin 225mg **
Proprietary Blend 212.5mg **
Quercetin   **
Sodium Caprate   **
Piperine   **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour  


Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement take one serving (2 capsules) twice daily with food for a total of 4 capsules daily. Discontinue if any adverse reactions occur and consult a physician. 


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Javier Verified Buyer May 4, 2015
Epi 2.0 actually works!!
  • Since January, I have used MHP MYO-X myostatin inhibitor and to be honest, I didn't notice a damn thing. I even tried increasing the dose by doubling it and I still didn't notice a damn thing. I thought all the science they were showing on their website was on point so I thought maybe I am genetically fucked up or something. I got the Vital Labs EPI 2.0 and I can't believe actually works. I haven't even been on it that long and I can already notice a difference. At this point, that is why I am buying all my supplements here at Strong Supplement Shop because this is stuff that actually works. I could give a flying fuck about the marketing that companies like MHP are using, I just want results. Stuff from companies like Vital Labs, EPG, Blackstone Labs, etc actually work and that is what I am after...results I can see in my athletic performance.
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Andrew Verified Buyer February 20, 2016
EPI 2.0 Stacked with OSTA Shread
  • I am 52 years old and have been lifting for 30 plus years. I am 5 foot 6 and a half inches tall and currently weigh 198lbs, I work a 2 week on and 2 week off work schedule. I work out 7 days a week while at work and 5 days a week when off work. I use Arnold's push me pull me theory to build my workout routines. I have done numerous PH's cycles to include EPI 2a3a by Vital Labs which was very good for cutting. With the PH's banned I have been searching and doing allot research, and found that EPI 2.0 and OSTA Shred is what I came up with for my cutting cycle since I just finished a bulking cycle. I bought 8 weeks worth of OSTA Shred and a 12 week supply of EPI 2.0 reason being after much research EPI 2.0 does not kick in and show major results till the end of a long cycle per all the research I have done.

    I am at the end of my 4th week

    1st week noticed extreme energy and stamina able to traumatically increase rep's on all exercise from my power movements to my shaping movements. I have not been this soar in years ( A good soar) not much weight loss per scale but fat is starting to come off. I am also seeing an increase in lean muscle mass weight still 198lbs. Good pumps during workout and again in the afternoon when I take my second round of pills.

    I do 2 EPI 2.0 pills 1 hour before my workout along with C-4 pre-workout at 7am

    After workout I do 1 OSTA shred along with my HUMAPRO protein drink at 9am

    1 pm I do 2 EPI 2.0 pills

    2pm I do 1 OSTA Shred pill

    Second week stamina and rep's are crazy. up in weight in all exercises and I do not want to stop any exercise I feel like I can rep for hours. Weight is down 1 lbs. looks like more than that in the stomach area (not that I was fat) And crazy gains in arms and chest, pumps are sill great and last longer.

    Third week same as second more gains and I am down 4lbs and a lot more in body fat percentage. My rep's and stamina is still through the roof, strength is also up an all exercises.

    Forth week my 26 year old son has not seen me since I started this cycle and when he saw me in the gym, he want to know what the heck I was on. He said I was bigger and cut. Still losing body fat and gaining lean mass.

    I plan on doing a PCT and some other follow on supplements that will help me maintain my gains at the end of my 8 weeks of OSTA Shred. To include my last bottle of EPI 2.0 will list all supplements I use as I update this review

    My diet is strict includes 2 protein Shakes with water not milk, granola, chef salads and 2 large portions of protein (steak, chicken, Salmon) per day and which I count my calories and protein in take to match my body weight.

    I will update again in 4 weeks and through my entire cycle to include my PCT.

    At this point very happy with the results not as fast as PH's but I am very surprised with gains so far. I think I will end up with the same kind of gains as I had with PH's I just need to do a longer cycle than I did with PH's

  • It works with no side effects like PH's
  • Nothing
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Luke Verified Buyer May 1, 2015
Loving this so far
  • Picked up 2 bottles so i can use this for 8 weeks. I am approaching the end of week 4, I am down 4lbs on the scale, but my muscles are looking much more full, so the fat loss is def more than 4lbs.

    Muscle hardness and muscle pumps have been sick. I would say that it took about a week and half before I started noticing anything, but it's definitely working out very well so far.

    Endurance through workouts has definitely improved, and recovery has significantly improved. Whenever I do legs I feel it for a good 3 days, after about a day I am good to go again.

  • fat loss
    muscle hardness
    no sides
Was this review helpful? Helpful22 Unhelpful9
Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Matthew Verified Buyer May 7, 2015
Vita Labs Only
  • To be honest when I bought this product I was a little upset I couldn't get the EPI 2a3a, I want to cut as hard as I can while getting plenty of muscle definition. I researched Vita Labs and couldn't go with any other competitor, they give you the best you can get with out throwing you for a loop. This is my first week and I can already tell that EPI 2.0 has done some work on me. I have dropped 5lbs of my fat and my abs are starting to show again, on top of the fact that my arms are DEFINITELY showing plenty of improvement as if it sped up my muscle memory x10. I'm still plenty sore so far but I won't be getting supplants from anyone else. I hope the 2a3a comes back so I can give that a cycle!
  • Sped muscle memory
    Lose fat
    Muscle definition
  • Still sore
Was this review helpful? Helpful14 Unhelpful7
Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Andy Verified Buyer June 6, 2016
Love this stuff!
  • I've been using this product stacked with Nano Genin for a week and a half. Like a previous review said you will feel like a Spartan from 300! I am absolutely killing my cardio and I have noticed I have been able to work out harder at a more brisk pace. I am noticing some lean/dry gains and muscle hardness. I am only going to purchase supplements from Strong Supplement Shop. They provide outstanding customer service, great advice and they always follow up with emails or text messages. All the products I have tried from them have been top notch.
  • Endurance, dry gains, muscle hardness
  • None
Was this review helpful? Helpful4 Unhelpful1
Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Marvin Verified Buyer May 25, 2015
Epi 2
  • fist couple of weeks really didn't see much. The next two week i start to cut up and the strength came fast.
Was this review helpful? Helpful4 Unhelpful3
Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
ed Verified Buyer June 16, 2015
Epi 2.0 helps with muscle definition
  • has helped me bring out more detail
Was this review helpful? Helpful7 Unhelpful6
Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Lee Verified Buyer July 2, 2015
8 Week cycle
  • Picked up 2 bottles and stacking with NANO GENIN BY ASSAULT NANO SERIES so i can use this for 8 weeks. End of week 4, I am down on the scales, but my muscles are looking bigger!

    Muscle hardness and muscle pumps have been great. will take a few weeks to work tho
Was this review helpful? Helpful2 Unhelpful1
Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
mat Verified Buyer November 10, 2015
honest review
  • I took this product along with elimistane to help dry me out and see what epicatechin is all about. Given the little research done on these products I was skeptical and nevertheless curious. Long story short 4 weeks into the cycle my cardiovascular endurance had substantially increased. Muscles began to look full that's for sure; along with an increased aggression that kicked in week two. Though im not sure if it was elimistane or epi but I did get bloated. (be warned) Starting weight 167 ending weight :171
  • Endurance increase, aggression increase,
    Vascular look.
  • Bloated
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Andrew Verified Buyer August 12, 2016
Epi 2.0
  • I used this with eradicate. They helped me lean up but I still kept my strength and muscles seemed fuller and hard
  • Lean hard muscle
  • Nothing
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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