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Epicatechin Gel by XPG

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    Powerful Epicatechin in a easy to apply gel!

    Epicatechin Gel by XPG

    Unlock your muscle growth potential and overcome your genetic limitations with Epicatechin Gel by XPG. This revolutionary topical product harnesses the power of the bioactive flavanol, Epicatechin, renowned for its profound impact on muscle development and recovery.

    Epicatechin Gel by XPG Key Features:

    • Each ml contains a potent 100 mg of Epicatechin, equating to a total of 10 grams per 100ml bottle.
    • Offers a remarkable 100 servings per bottle.
    • Topically applied for rapid absorption and increased effectiveness.

    Key Benefits of Epicatechin Gel by XPG:

    • Enhances Lean Muscle Growth: Epicatechin Gel facilitates an increase in follistatin levels by suppressing myostatin, a protein that limits muscle growth. The result is the potential for greater lean muscle development.

    • Boosts Strength & Endurance: The powerful flavanol contributes to increased strength and improved endurance, enabling you to perform at your best for longer.

    • Supports Improved Recovery: Experience less downtime between workouts, thanks to Epicatechin's role in promoting faster recovery and mitigating muscle fatigue.

    • Promotes Pumps & Muscle Fullness: The Epicatechin Gel promotes enhanced blood flow and nutrient delivery, resulting in visible muscle pumps and fullness.

    Key Ingredient of XPG Epicatechin Gel:

    Epicatechin: A bioactive compound found in foods like dark chocolate and green tea, Epicatechin is revered for its potential to inhibit myostatin and stimulate mitochondrial biosynthesis.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Epicatechin Gel by XPG:

    Q: What is Epicatechin?

    A: Epicatechin is a bioactive flavanol found in several foods, such as dark chocolate and green tea. It's widely recognized for its ability to inhibit myostatin, a protein that limits muscle growth. Epicatechin also supports increased levels of follistatin, stimulates mitochondrial biosynthesis, and boosts nutrient delivery and blood flow.

    Q: What are the benefits of using Epicatechin Gel?

    A: The Epicatechin Gel by XPG helps increase lean muscle mass, enhances strength and endurance, supports faster recovery, and improves muscle fullness. It can help you overcome genetic limitations and unlock greater muscle growth potential.

    Q: How do I use Epicatechin Gel?

    A: Epicatechin Gel is a topical product. For the best results, apply it directly to your skin where it can be rapidly absorbed.

    Discover the power of Epicatechin with Epicatechin Gel by XPG, and push past the boundaries of your genetic potential in your muscle building journey.

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    Epicatechin Gel by XPG Ingredients

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