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GH Amplifier Stack

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  • Description
    GH Amplifier Stack

    Youth GH, Pure IGF by Pure Solutions, and Bio-Gro form a powerful combination to naturally stimulate GH production, aid recovery, and improve overall muscle gains and performance.

    The GH Amplifier Stack is designed to help users effectively and efficiently achieve their muscle development goals.

    Key Benefits of the GH Amplifier Stack

    • Amplifies protein synthesis to develop lean muscle mass and aid in recovery
    • Prevents muscle catabolism and reduces muscle soreness
    • Supports increased energy and stamina during intense workouts
    • Improves appetite and aids in fat loss
    • Promotes deep restful sleep and enhances mood
    • Supports metabolic processes at the cellular level
    • Enhances cognitive function, memory, and attention span
    • Contains bioactive peptides and a concentrated source of GH factor matrix and co-factors
    • Derived from natural sources and safe for anyone to consume
    • Improves hair, skin, and nails

    What's Included In This Stack

    Youth GH by Vital Alchemy

    Youth GH by Vital Alchemy is a supplement that combines 11 effectively dosed ingredients to support increased energy, lean muscle gains, fat loss, muscle recovery, and overall mood enhancement. Its key ingredients include Rikkunshito, L-Ornithine, GABA, Mucuna Pruriens, Valerian Root Extract, L-Theanine, and Melatonin, which work together to increase GH production, improve appetite, promote deep restful sleep, build stronger bones and tendons, enhance mood, and improve memory.

    IGF 600 by Pure Solutions

    Pure Factors Ultimate Pro IGF 600 is a product made for bodybuilders and athletes. It contains a concentrated source of GH factor matrix and co-factors found in New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler to aid recovery and support metabolic processes at the cell level. It helps prevent muscle catabolism, burn fat, improve stamina and endurance, improve skin and combat acne, and reduce hair loss. It can be used as an ongoing supplement to provide daily support during training and athletic performance.

    Bio-Gro by iSatori

    Bio-Gro by iSatori is a revolutionary fitness supplement made of bio-active peptides that amplifies protein synthesis to develop lean muscle and aid in recovery. It contains 0 calories, and is more concentrated than other protein powders, with 1 small scoop equivalent to the bio-actives of 25 grams of whey protein concentrate. It helps reduce muscle soreness, is great for women and men, and comes in both flavored and unflavored powders. It is derived from natural sources and is safe for anyone to consume. Research indicates that Bio-Gro can achieve significantly greater gains in total body mass and augment strength and power gains in the untrained musculature from a unilateral resistance training program.

    Suggested Use For This Stack:

    Youth GH by Vital Alchemy

    Suggested Use: Take 4 capsules before bedtime with 8-10 oz of water on an empty stomach.

    IGF 600 by Pure Solutions

    Suggested Use: Take 30 drops (about 2/3 of the dropper) under the tongue and hold in mouth for 90 seconds. Swallow remaining liquid. For best results, take your serving in the morning on an empty stomach. Users may need to adjust serving size based on their body weight and diet.

    Bio-Gro by iSatori

    Suggested Use: Mix 2-3 servings twice daily with cold liquid or soft foods such as oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt. Bio-Gro can be taken at anytime throughout the day, with or without food. Users may need to adjust serving size based on their body weight and diet.

    These supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and their efficacy may vary from person to person. Always follow the suggested dosing instructions provided on the label by the manufacturer and discontinue use immediately if any adverse effects occur. It is also important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, and prioritize getting enough sleep to support overall health and wellbeing.
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