Glutamine 1000mg by Optimum Nutrition

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Get the most out of every intense workout!
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Glutamine by Optimum Nutrition 

240 capsules 

Get the most out of every intense workout! feed your muscle Glutamine and speed up muscle recovery! 

Everyone knows Glutamine is the most adbundant Amino Acid in the body and it is a MUST HAVE when sculpting the perfect body! 

Optimum Nutrition Glutamine is made from the highest quality glutamine and provides 1000mg of L-Glutamine, PER CAPSULE! 

L- Glutamine will help with tissue repair after workouts! Keep your body in its best shape with Glutamine by Optimum Nutrition. 


-Rapid Disintergration 

-Maximum Aborption

-Muscle Recovery

-Highest Quality Glutamine 


Feed your muscles the good stuff and gets you all the GOOD STUFF! Get it now. 

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