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KannaEase by Serious Nutrition Solutions

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  • Description
    Get KannaEase by SNS and bring Ease in to your life now!

    KannaEase by SNS

    Sometimes it feel like the day can get the best of us. Situations can arise that push us and make us feel anxious or uneasy. The mind races, you can't find calmness, and you are emotionally and physically exhausted. Enter KannaEase by SNS created to help you find your ease. KannaEase was designed with you in mind! While the highly potent ingredient in KannaEase can help you find your inner calm it can also improve your concentration, support a positive mood and increase your sense of well being. Get KannaEase and bring Ease in to your life now! 



    • Positive Mood
    • Feeling of Relaxation
    • Feeling of Calmness
    • Improved Sense of Well Being
    • Improved Focus
    • Improved Concentration
    • Highly Potent Dose
    • Promotes Restful Sleep


    Key Ingredient: 

    Sceletium Tortuosum: This ingredient is also known as Kanna and is an herb derived from South Africa coined as the 'feel good' herb. KannaEase Sceletium Tortuosum extract is highly potent with a minimum alkaloid level .5%, and then freeze dried to preserve stability. This ingredient has shown to increase concentration, focus and cognitive functions as well as provide a sense of well being and relaxation. 


    KannaEase by SNS

    Get KannaEase and bring Ease in to your life now! 


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    KannaEase by Serious Nutrition Solutions Ingredients

    KannaEase by Serious Nutrition Solutions - Supplement Facts

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