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Letrone by Black Lion Research


Black Lion Research

Letrone by Black Lion Research

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Get in control of estrogen with quite possibly the strongest aromatase inhibitor available today with Letrone by Black Lion Research.
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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 1 Capsule
 Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving%DV
Atractylodes Macrocephala, Rice Flour 500mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide.  

Suggested Use: Take one (1) capsule 1-2 times daily.

Product Description

Letrone by Black Lion Research

Put a stop to estrogen before it puts a stop to you!

When it comes to any anabolic cycle, no one’s goal is to boost estrogen, grow man boobs, and lose definition, but the truth is that it can happen.

It can happen, but there is a way to make sure it never happens!

Black Lion Research presents quite possibly the strongest estrogen blocker/aromastase inhibitor available today with Letrone!

Black Lion Research has consistently been an innovator, with every new product offering something no one has done before, and Letrone follows that same path and may quite possibly be the strongest estrogen blocker we have seen in a long time.

The key ingredient of Letrone is Atractylodes Macrocephala - a natural anabolic aromatase inhibitor that aids in preventing your body from converting testosterone to estrogen - a common side effect of strong anabolic cycles.

Additionally, the ingredient has anabolic properties meaning it can help to increase your natural hormone production and boost your testosterone - meaning you can run it by itself to get lean and shredded to the bone!

An estrogen blocker designed to accelerate your fitness journey!

Get in Control of Estrogen Now with Letrone by Black Lion Research!

Key Benefits of Letrone:

  - Helps Reduce Conversion to Estrogen*

  - Helps Increase Testosterone*

  - Supports Decreased Body Fat*

  - Helps Boost IGF-1*

  - Helps Reduce Water Retention*

  - Supports Aromatase Inhibition without Drying Joints*

  - Supports Increased Growth Hormone Secretion*

  - High Oral Bioavailability*

  - Helps Restore Testosterone Levels During PCT*

Letrone Formula Explained:

Atractylodes Macrocephala: a Chinese medicinal herb, has been extensively used to treat digestive diseases in China and most other Asian countries. In studies the ingredient has been exceptionally strong with 94.5% aromatase inhibition. Additionally, unlike many of the aromatase inhibitors on the market Atractylodes Macrocephala has shown to have exceptional oral bioavailability. In regards to anabolic properties, in animal studies subject experienced 20% more growth when compared to the placebo group which was attributed to increases in growth hormone of 30%, IGF-1 of 52%, T3 of 47%, T4 of 36%, and cAMP of 21%.

Put a Lock on Estrogen with Letrone by Black Lion Research Now!

Letrone by Black Lion Research @
This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration of 4 weeks. Do not use if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Do not drink alcohol while using this product, and increase daily water intake.  Always Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Questions & Answers

Product Questions

When would be the best time to take Letrone?
Which one of these would be the strongest for reducing estrogen: Elimistane by BPS, Letrone by Black Lion Research, or Eradicate by Blackstone Labs?
Is it better using Letrone during or after cycle?
How long does it take to kick in?
Do you need to cycle Letrone like a PH?
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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 1 Capsule
 Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving%DV
Atractylodes Macrocephala, Rice Flour 500mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide.  

Suggested Use: Take one (1) capsule 1-2 times daily.

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Andrew Verified Buyer July 29, 2015
Strong effects.
  • I have been taking Letrone for 3 weeks now and i think this is my new favorite product. Better than some of the lighter prohormone cycles I have run. Im much drier and leaner and my strength is very good. Im gonna stack this with Follidrone next or maybe try Exotherm. I will buy this again for sure.
  • Leaner
    Look fuller.
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Brandon Verified Buyer July 27, 2015
Works great at double the dosage
  • Worked great and as advertised when I doubled the recommended dosage. Wasn't doing much at 2/day, but libido and vascularity went through the roof at 4/day. My only issue is that it's too expensive at this dosage.
Was this review helpful? Helpful11 Unhelpful4
Mat Verified Buyer April 12, 2016
Some other stuff
  • To keep it short and simple, it does as advertised.
    Took this along with a wet compound, great AI.
    Now for the fun part, gave me consistent nosebleeds. Hand joints felt like I had mild arthritis. Me knees felt pretty bad while running. And I was taking half the recommended dosage. And every other day as needed. But this keeps you dry for as long as you use it.
  • Take joint supps with this
  • Nose bleeds
  • Javier thank you for your review. For your joint trouble we recommend you take Joyful Joints by VL, those should take care of any of those issues.
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chad Verified Buyer July 15, 2016
Great ai
  • Ran this recently with Follidrone2 and Viron.
    Was a super good combo. But for the Ai alone Ill say it was super potent. When added I noticed my libido shot up and I was drier and leaner as time went on. Really solid stuff I would recommend to others.
  • Leaner and drier
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KP Verified Buyer March 8, 2017
good product
  • I'm not prone to excessive estrogen, even when using aromatising PH's, so for me this was super potent. I used half dose for 8 weeks & it worked a treat. I didn't want to crush estro completely, just moderate it on an extended run & into pct.
    Brilliant, worked a treat & most cost effective at that dose.
  • potency
  • nada
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