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Liquid Prohormones Information, Cycle Guide & Reviews



What are liquid prohormones?

Liquid prohormones are prohormones that based raw material form (powder) and then is put through a heat regulated process that allows the full molecular strand of the hormone to remain intact while turning the powder based hormone into a permanent liquid form.


What is the difference between liquid prohormoes and pill form prohormones? Which one is better?

Pill form/capsule prohormones are swallowed and then processed through the digestive tract. Through the digestive process, digestive enzymes affect the molecular structure and cause degeneration of the prohormone compound. This degeneration negatively affects the absorbability and conversion to an active hormone. In fact, capsule form prohormones may only have a 50% absorption rate and an even lower rate for some of the more complex compounds.


The heat regulated process of turning a prohormone into a liquid allows for the capturing of the pure prohormone molecule into a liquid delivery suspension that stabilizes the hormone and allows a higher absorption rate than capsules, which in turn improves the effectiveness of the prohormone. This allows for much greater gains with lower side-effects as normally associated with oral prohormones in capsule form.


Since capsules have pre-made milligram amounts, one of the biggest benefits of liquid prohormones is that you have much more flexibility in terms of what dosage you can run, as with liquids you can microdose. In theory, liquids prohormones should be at the very least just as effective as capsule form, if not even more effective.  


How do Liquid Prohormones work?

Liquid prohormones are in an active liquid state so they will typically kick in faster than capsule form compounds. The active liquid prohormones are placed in a pharmaceutical grade vehicle solution to protect them from the digestive process and degeneration. Due to being in liquid form, liquid PHs are able to enter the bloodstream much faster and should impact on your workouts and recovery rates. Additionally, liquids will help improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention at an accelerated rate which leads also to increased muscle mass and strength gains.


What is the proper way to take a liquid PH?

It's best to take the liquid prohormone starting with half the recommended dose and moving your way up until you find your sweet spot. The good thing about liquid prohormones is that  you can use as much or as little as you see fit to hit the mark you are striving for. We always suggest that you take an on cycle support product with your prohormone and follow up with Post Cycle Therapy after to help normalize your hormones, detoxify your body, and help you keep you hard earned gains.


Do I need to take on cycle support with a liquid prohormone?

Yes, as with any prohormone, cycle support is necessary as liquid prohormones will have to still have to be processed by your liver.


Do I need to run a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after a cycle with liquid prohormones? 

Yes, regardless of the state of the prohormone when you ingest it, you will need to run a PCT. After any prohormone cycle your body’s hormones are out of balance and in some cases the production is specific hormones is off. PCT will help restore balance to you hormones levels, detoxify your body, and help you keep your hard earned gains.


What are the potential side effects of using a liquid PH?

Although liquid prohormones may address the fact of the digestive process and help more of the active compound reach the bloodstream, it does not bypass the liver. Therefore, you will need to take an on cycle support product and of course drink plenty of water and eat relatively clean macros. Side Effects can range from acne to oily skin down to more aggression, elevated blood pressure and also off centered LDL and HDL profiles. Most of which can be controlled with cycle supports and plenty of water intake, and most side effects will subside after the usage of the product.


The typical side effects differ from compound to compound. Overall, the side effects of a liquid prohormones should be in alighnment with pill form prohormones. 


What is the best way to stack liquid phs?

Well this is the most fun part of all, as stacking our favorite compounds can make for some sick cycles. The best way to stack liquid prohormones will be totally based on your goals. If you’re looking to cut and lose fat, then you will take compounds that are dry and have no estrogen conversion and stack them with a compound that has great lean mass and strength attributes to amplify the effects to add lean muscle. So stacking always has its pros but also has its cons such as managing side effects, but since liquids are more dose flexible, you can lower or raise your dosage as you please. Remember that diet and exercise play a major role in what you gain on cycle as well, as if you do nothing at all, the prohormone will do nothing at all for you. So always remember to stay on point with diet and always drink plenty of water and use prohormones responsibly.


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