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Myo Lean Evolution By Myogenix

  • Description
    The "Perfect Meal" for the Elite Athlete

    Myo Lean Evolution Description from MYOGENIX

    MYO LEAN EVOLUTION has set the new standard for meal supplements by providing the most technically advanced blend of whey isolates and slow releasing proteins, and combining then with the highest quality "healthy" fats, all in a low carb, low glycemic formula. We intended on making a "perfect meal" for the elite athlete. We ended up with a product so loaded with high quality raw materials, so nutrient dense, it would benefit not only elite athletes looking to add powerful lean muscle, but anyone looking to improve their health and physique through nutrition. Plus, in the tradition of all MYOGENIX products, it taste great!

     Myo Lean Protein Supplement Facts

     Myo Lean Evolution Ingredients

    PentaProtein 50/50 an exclusive blend of proteins (cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolates, egg albumin, micellar alpha and beta caseinates, 90% isolated milk proteins, whole egg protein). BeneFat a unique combination of healthy fats chosen to promote thermogenesis and support vital metabolic functions (CLA, borage oil, sunflower oil, lecithin, MCT's, organic cold pressed flax seed, tocopherols), cocoa powder, natural fiber and carbohydrate complex selected to control blood sugar




    Myo Lean Evolution Directions from MYOGENIX


    For a delicious chocolate shake, mix 3 rounded scoops with 10 to 12 oz. of water of your favorite beverage drink as often as necessary up to 3 times per day.


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