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Nano Absorb Technology


Take a giant leap forward and reach unmatched levels in muscle mass gains, size, strength and now control.  Technological advancement and innovation have always driven our abilities to achieve new levels of fitness and body composition; until now the changes have been mostly incremental.  Assault changes the game with its New Nano Absorb Technology, which improves prohormone efficacy by not just 10%, 20% or even 100% but up to 600%, not just one step forward but a giant leap into the future.nano_halo_assault.jpg


Nano Absorb Technology from Assault changes the paradigm.  This new approach capitalizes on innovative pharmacological advances in compound delivery.   This new approach vastly increases the amount of prohormone molecules absorbed and used by the body.  The new technology is up to 6 times more effective than that of oral and regular liquid versions of the same prohormone. The bottom line: the prohormone becomes much more potent than that of all other prohormones.


So What is Nano Absorb Technology?


Nano Absorb Technology scientifically reduces the size of the prohormone particles from Microns to Nanometers.  In addition, this new technology uses an emulsified suspension fluid that helps to both control the concentration accuracy per milliliter (ml) and the ability of the body to accept and absorb the prohormone incredibly fast.tren_big_and_nano.jpg


Micron size particles found in other prohormones must be broken down first by your body before they can enter your system and begin the anabolic process.  The end result is that only a small amount of the Micron size particle ever makes it into your system, the rest is processed out of the body.   


In the case of Nano Absorb Technology the particles are reduced through an innovative process into Nanometer size particles.  Because of their size and make up these smaller particles begin seeping into your system the moment they enter your body and go to work at a very fast rate.  The end result is that much more of the prohormone is put into your system and less is processed out.


How does Nano Absorb Technology work?


Think about what it takes you to dissolve a large size salt crystal put into a glass of water.  You stir and stir and then after a while you look and see that at the bottom of the glass the salt crystal is smaller but not completely gone.  Now think about what it takes to dissolve salt from a salt shaker.  The tiny salt crystals begin dissolving immediately upon entering the water, one quick stir and they are gone, dissolved and nothing remains at the bottom of the glass.  Well, although the process is different the idea is the same with Nano Absorb Technology.  Regular capsule and liquid prohormones are like the giant salt crystals and Nano Absorb particles are like the grains of salt.

Large Particles are heavy & take a long time to dissolve
Nano Crystals are 1000X smaller than Other Supplement Particles
Large Particles don't fully digest exiting the body without benefit
Nano Crystals dissolve quickly and are absorbed by your system fast
The Nano side is enriched and working for you
The regular side is still waiting to receive any benefit

Another huge benefit of the Nano Absorb Technology is that it uses a specially developed aqueous fluid to suspend the nano size particles of the prohormone.  This process is much more controlled than what is done with conventional prohormones. Therefore, you can control how much prohormone you take much more accurately than ever before.  This makes splitting serving sizes more easy than ever before.  Rather than being limited to a capsule size serving, where you cannot create fractions of a capsule.  However, you can regulate to the fraction of a serving with the Nano Absorb Technology because of the aqueous suspension fluid contains highly accurate concentrations of the prohormone and is served in milliliter drops from a dropper.  Each milliliter contains a specific quantity of the prohormone.

Where Can I buy the best Nano Absorb Technology?

Buy Nano Absorb Technology online at Strong Supplement Shop. Shop below for all the strongest Nano Absorb Technology products available in 2024.

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    Nano Genin by Assault Nano Series

    Nano Genin by Assault Nano Series   The Dawn of a New Era is upon us!   The pendulum has swung! Technological advancement has given birth to a new breed of muscle building supplements that are up to 6 times more effective than the most powerful...

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