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Neuro DHEA by Iconic Formulations

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    Get big results with Neuro DHEA by Iconic Formulations!

    Neuro DHEA by Iconic Formulations

    Neuro DHEA by Iconic Formulations is a top-tier supplement designed to enhance physique, fitness, and overall wellness. Containing 100mg/ml of DHEA in a 30ml bottle, this powerful formulation is intended for daily application, ideally in the morning. Recommended application sites include the chest, shoulder, clavicle region, upper back, and inner bicep, ensuring efficient absorption and effectiveness.

    Key Benefits of Neuro DHEA:

    • Enhanced Physical Performance: Improves muscle strength and energy levels, aiding in better workouts and physical endurance.
    • Boost in Overall Wellness: Balances hormonal levels, contributing to improved mood and cognitive function.
    • Supports Lean Muscle Mass: Aids in the development of lean muscle, enhancing physique and body composition.
    • Anti-Aging Properties: DHEA has been linked to anti-aging effects, promoting healthier skin and a youthful appearance.

    Neuro DHEA by Iconic Formulations Key Ingredients:

    • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA):

      • A naturally occurring hormone that plays a crucial role in the production of other hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.
      • Known for its ability to support muscle growth, enhance energy levels, and improve mood and cognitive function.
      • Research suggests potential anti-aging benefits, with a positive impact on skin health and physical appearance.
    • N-n-butyl-benzoyl-2-sulphimide:

      • Acts as a stabilizer in the formulation, ensuring the integrity and efficacy of DHEA.
      • Contributes to the overall stability and shelf-life of the product.
    • Oleic Acid:

      • A monounsaturated fatty acid known for its benefits in skin health.
      • Helps in the absorption of DHEA through the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of the topical application.
    • Glycerin:

      • A humectant that attracts moisture, aiding in keeping the skin hydrated where the product is applied.
      • Enhances the texture of the product, making it more comfortable and soothing to apply.

    Neuro DHEA Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How should Neuro DHEA be applied?

      • Apply 0.5-1ml daily in the morning to areas like the chest, shoulder, clavicle region, upper back, or inner bicep.
    2. Who can benefit from Neuro DHEA?

      • Individuals looking to enhance their physical performance, improve muscle mass, and boost overall wellness and cognitive function.
    3. Are there any side effects?

      • Side effects are rare but can include skin irritation at the application site. It's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

    Neuro-DHEA by Iconic Formulations


    1. Clinical studies on DHEA's effectiveness in muscle growth and hormonal balance.
    2. Research articles on the anti-aging properties of DHEA.
    3. Detailed analysis of the role of oleic acid and glycerin in topical applications.
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