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Paroslim by HPScience

  • Description
    Stimulate Your Metabolism Without Having To Set Foot In The Gym with Paroslim!

    Paroslim by HPScience

    Parøslim contains a unique extract of Aframomum Melegueta, also known as Grains of Paradise. Parøslim‘s specific extract contains the highest concentration of 6-Paradol (15%). This ingredient has been proven in human studies to significantly boost resting metabolic rate by activating BAT (stubborn fat).

    Parøslim is caffeine/stimulant free.

    Grains of Paradise Seed Extract is a potent metabolic enhancer, designed to promote weight loss, increase energy levels, and improve brain function. The metabolic benefits of Grains of Paradise Seed Extract have been confirmed in numerous human clinical trials.

    They discovered that 30 mg of grains of paradise intake resulted in ~100+ calorie-per-day increase in metabolic rate versus placebo.

    In the same study, the group reported that daily intake of grains of paradise also resulted in significantly decreased levels of visceral fat, compared to placebo. The evidence suggests that grains of paradise seed extract supplementation may serve as an effective addition to any long-term weight loss or weight management program.

    When we talk about fat in our body, there is actually 2 types of stored fat. White adipose tissue is all of that stored body fat that you so commonly see around your mid-section. Brown adipose tissue is made up of much smaller cells than white adipose tissue and activation of the Brown Adipose Tissue results in increased fat burning. Studies have shown that the 6 Paradol extract found in HPS Parøslim can convert your stored body fat (White adipose tissue) into Brown Adipose Tissue, forcing your body to use stored fat as energy (burn it off!) The more brown adipose tissue you have, the more white fat your body will continuously use as energy, thus making your daily energy expenditure higher aka a massive boost in your metabolism WITHOUT CAFFEINE OR DANGEROUS STIMULANTS commonly used & abused for weight loss.

    This brings us to the 2nd way Paroslim helps us burn fat:

    Increased metabolic rate at rest.

    Studies show that GOP can also increase metabolism WITHOUT any increase in exercise!

    “...SO you’re saying this pill will help me burn more calories without even going to the gym?”

    Yes... we are.

    A recent study found that 30mg of GOP can increase your daily energy expenditure by almost 100 calories! (Parøslim contains 35mg per capsule). This study found that the increased “browning” of white adipose tissue had a profound effect on fat loss and metabolic rate without any exercise! This means Paroslim can increase your calories burned in a day without worrying about doing any exercise.

    We suggest 1-2 capsules of Parøslim per day which would help users burn an additional 700-1400 calories per week just from taking 1-2 tiny capsules.

    CLINICALLY DOSED INGREDIENTS: Unlike other brands, we never underdose our supplements. Parøslim contains 35mg of Grains of Paradise yielding 10.5mg of 6-Paradol. The clinically studied amount is 10mg. TRANSPARENTLY FORMULATED: We believe that you deserve to know what's inside the capsules. We provide a single ingredient label, fully disclosed for optimal results for your health, physique, and wallet.
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  • Supplement Facts Panel
    Paroslim by HPScience Ingredients

    Supplement Facts
     Serving Size: 1 Capsule
     Servings per container: 60
      Amounts per serving %DV
    AfraLean Grains of Paradise 35 mg **
    (std. to 15% 6-Paradol) Aframomum Melegueta (seed) Extract)
    **(DV)Daily Value Not Established    

    Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Rice Flour.

    Directions: Take 1 capsule, 1 to 2 times daily on an empty stomach.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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