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Psychotic Diablo by Insane Labz

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    Insane Labz created Psychotic Diablo so that you can change your body composition and say goodbye to the devil! Let the Fat burn away so that the real you can rise from the ashes!

    Psychotic Diablo by Insane Labz

    Want to heat things up and burn away the fat? Psychotic Diablo is a thermogenic fat burner that scorches away your fat cells, provides you with intense energy and demolishes your appetite for food! Insane Labz Mad Chemist created this crazy formula so that you can change your body composition and say goodbye to the devil! Let the Fat burn away so that the real you can rise from the ashes!

    The formula contains 692 MG'S of hard hitting ingredients that help you to incinerate fat once and for all. Clinically proven ingredients like AMPiberry, OxyGold, Caffeine and Theobromine step up to give you appetite suppression, weight loss and a smooth line of energy so you don't have to deal with a big crash!


    Key Benefits of Psychotic Diablo: 

    • Intense Energy
    • Burn Fat
    • Reduce Appetite
    • Enhanced Thermogenesis
    • Thorough Formula


    Key Ingredients: 

    Caffeine: Caffeine has several benefits and is a stimulant found in almost all fat burners. As the body metabolizes caffeine it increases lipolysis, the breakdown of fat, which decreases fat stored all over the body. Caffeine also helps with suppressing appetite, therefore, lowering the number of calories you intake daily.

    AMPiberry: Ampiberry is the ingredient that binds all of the other compounds in Insane Cutz together while amplifying all of their potential benefits. The Ampiberry is combined with the other stimulants sand this increases their energy boosting potential while reducing any of the perceived effects that are common with extreme stimulants such as anxiousness and jitters. 

    OxyGold (Fulvic Acid): Helps to boost immunity, digestion, and can aid in reducing inflammation. This ingredient also enhances antioxidant activity.In a 12 week study in 60 adults with obesity this ingredient showed to improve muscle strength in active men.*

    Theobromine: Naturally occurring in dark chocolate, theobromine offers smooth longer-lasting energy to support the fast-acting and intense stimulation of caffeine to create the perfect stimulant blend of intense, sustained energy that keeps you energized all day long. Theobromine also improves insulin sensitivity and promotes vasodilation, supporting greater nutrient utilization and cardiovascular function.

    Dandelion Root: This ingredient helps to reduce and shed water from the body giving you the lean non bloated look. 

    Alpha Yohimbine: An alpha-2 adrenergic receptor antagonist that promotes the improved lipolysis. Increasing blood flow throughout your body and is also known to help decrease fat synthesis by increasing fatty acid mobilization.

    Grain of Paradise: This ingredient is derived from a plant related to ginger. Parts of the seed can reduce swelling, and help to burn body fat. 

    Psychotic Diablo Insane Labz



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    Psychotic Diablo by Insane Labz Ingredients

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