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Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore by Muscle Addiction

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    Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore by Muscle Addiction is a new pre workout that is made for the hardcores that are addicted to the pump!

    Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore by Muscle Addiction 

    This new pre workout is made for the hardcores that are addicted to the pump to feed the addiction and give you the energy, focus, pump and improved performance that you need to take your workouts to elite levels. Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore by Muscle Addiction has a fully transparent label showing you the large doses of N.O. boosting ingredients, big stimulants, and solid focus ingredients. 


    Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore Highlights: 
    • Comprehensive Nitric Oxide Boosting Ingredients 
    • Packed with High Stimulants (Caffeine, Eria, Theobromine, Dynamine, TeaCrine, Rauwolscine, KannaEase) 
    • Sugar Free & Great Tasting Flavors
    • Full Transparent Label/No Proprietary Blends 
    • Massive Pumps
    • Increased Energy
    • Improved Athletic Performance 

    Key Ingredients in Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore: 


    L-Citrulline: A non-essential amino acid that helps to increase muscular energy improve both anaerobic and aerobic activity, strength, power, increase nitric oxide production (muscle pumps) as well as help to reduce fatigue and soreness post-training.

    Betaine Anhydrous: An anabolic muscle building compound that in studies has shown to increase strength, power, endurance while helping to reduce muscle soreness.

    Agmatine Sulfate: A byproduct of Arginine, Agmatine is produced through a process called decarboxylation. This compound has gained much exposure in the supplement industry due to its ability to release growth hormone and its production of Nitric Oxide (muscle pumps).

    VASO6™: A very popular ingredient that it is included in many of the most popular pre-workout and pump products on the market. VASO6 delivers improved vascularity, pumps and overall endurance.

    Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine Anhydrous is a pure and potent form of caffeine that makes it easier to achieve high levels of training intensity. Caffeine also boosts thermogenesis, which causes your body to burn fat faster.

    N-Phenethyldimethylamine: This ingredient provide a euphoric effect to its users and is PEA like molecule. It functions like a neuromodulator in the central nervous system and is naturally occuring. 

    Theobromine: Theobromine is a methylxanthine and is the ‘feel good’ ingredient in chocolate. The relaxed feeling that one experiences after chocolate consumption can be attributed to theobromine. The energy from theobromine is commonly described as a sustained long lasting relaxed feel good energy without a crash.

    Dynamine™: It is chemically similar to caffeine and theacrine and may amplify feelings of energy, mood, and focus by activating dopamine receptors and other neurotransmitters without elevating heart rate and blood pressure. Dynamine can be thought of as a faster acting version of theacrine and users can see results in as little as 15 to 30 minutes after consumption. Therefore, the combination of Dynamine and theacrine can be viewed as the best of both worlds in terms of achieving both fast acting and long lasting energy, improved mood, focus, mental alertness, cognitive function, and physical performance.

    Theacrine: Theacrine is a unique supplement that is known for its ability to act as a potent, long lasting stimulant and for its mood enhancing benefits. Typical user feedback on Theacrine commonly includes long lasting energy and alertness, increased activity levels, and mood enhancement. Theacrine is chemically similar to caffeine but is very different in that its benefits have been shown to last for a longer period of time and also because there doesn’t seem to be the tolerance build up associated with caffeine.

    KannaEASE: This ingredient is an herb that has traditionally been used for its cognitive enhancing benefits, which include stress relief and promoting and improved sense of well-being throughout the body.

    Rauwolscine: This ingredient is also known Yohimbe. Rauwolscine is a central nervous system stimulant. Yohimbe is a vasodilator, which increases your blood flow. Yohimbe is also known to help decrease fat synthesis by increasing fatty acid mobilization. Yohimbine can also support well-being and mood, and suppress appetite.

    AstraGin®: This natural ingredient carries a patent and is a comprised of highly fractionated Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng and was made to help enhance nutrient absorption.


    Pump Addict by Muscle Addiction

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    Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore by Muscle Addiction Ingredients

    Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore by Muscle Addiction

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