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Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph

  • Description
    Feel the Power of Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph!

    Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph

    Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph is a potent health supplement developed to provide a comprehensive range of health benefits. Specifically formulated with key natural ingredients, it supports joint health, promotes estrogen balance, and contributes to overall wellness.

    Key Benefits of Resveratrol Plus: 

    • Supports joint health
    • Promotes estrogen balance.
    • Provides antioxidant support
    • Supports heart health: 
    • Enhances immune function
    • Contributes to skin health
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Enhances nutrient absorption

    Key Ingredients and Benefits of Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph:

    1. Japanese Knotweed Extract (Resveratrol Rhizome): This potent source of resveratrol is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Resveratrol is known to support healthy aging and cardiovascular health. It also has potential benefits for joint health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

    2. Trans-Resveratrol (50% from Japanese Knotweed): This is the bioactive form of resveratrol that is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. It's been linked to a wide range of health benefits, including supporting brain health, protecting against heart disease, and aiding in estrogen metabolism.

    3. Green Tea Leaf Extract (Standardized to 95% Polyphenols): This high polyphenol content offers potent antioxidant properties, promoting overall health and potentially supporting weight management. It may also help regulate estrogen levels.

    4. Grape Seed Extract (Standardized to 95% Polyphenols): This powerful antioxidant supports cardiovascular health, aids in maintaining healthy skin, and can contribute to joint health by promoting collagen synthesis and reducing inflammation.

    5. Vitamin C: A crucial nutrient for overall health, Vitamin C boosts immune function, aids in collagen production for joint health, and enhances the body's absorption of other nutrients.

    Resveratol Q&A:

    Q: How does Resveratrol Plus support joint health?

    A: Resveratrol Plus contains ingredients that are known to promote joint health. Resveratrol and grape seed extract have anti-inflammatory properties, while Vitamin C aids in collagen production, a vital component of joint tissues.

    Q: Can Resveratrol Plus help balance estrogen levels?

    A: Yes, resveratrol has been found in studies to aid in estrogen metabolism, potentially reducing excess estrogen in the body. Additionally, the green tea extract may also help regulate estrogen levels.

    Q: Is Resveratrol Plus safe to take daily?

    A: Yes, Resveratrol Plus is intended for daily use. However, as with any supplement, it's recommended to speak with a healthcare provider before starting a new supplement regimen.

    Man with Resveratrol Plus Supplement


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    Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph Ingredients

    Resveratrol Plus by Nutriumph - Supplement Facts

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