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Super Swole Capsules by Competitive Edge Labs

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    Ready for fast acting & long lasting PUMPS? Super Swole Capsules by CEL delivers!

    Super Swole Capsules by Competitive Edge Labs 

    Do you want  insane pumps and crazy Vascularity? 

    Do you want to take your workouts to new heights without the use of unwanted stimulants? 

    Super Swole Capsules by CEL is the answer! 

    Competitive Edge Labs created an advanced and synergistic formula with 8 flagship and researched ingredients created to bring your workouts to levels of vascularity and pump you didn’t know existed! Super Swole caps offer intense pumps, big muscle fullness and increased performance and endurance. Get Super Swole caps and get Super Swole! 


    Key Benefits of Super Swole Caps

    • Intense Pumps
    • Improve Muscle Fullness  
    • Increase Vascularity
    • Improve Lean Muscle
    • Improve Strength  
    • Improve Performance
    • Increase Endurance
    • 8 Ingredient Formula
    • Clinically Researched Ingredients

    Key Ingredients of Super Swole Capsules

    Agmatine Sulfate: is a chemical substance which is naturally created from the amino acid L- arginine. Agmatine stops your body from breaking down Nitric oxide which is very important for performance and maintaining strong pumps, and increases insulin sensitivity the effective shuttling of glucose and amino acids into muscles for growth and repair. Agmatine has also been shown to increase testosterone, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation.

    Amentoflavone:  Amentoflavone, is a PDE inhibitor, which is great for vasodilation, aiding one in getting the Pumps they desire! It also aids in preventing the body from creating new fatty acids and helps to improve lipolysis. The ingredient also can aid in mood enhancement as it is a negative modulator of GABA-A receptors. This allows for you to feel alert and awake when supplementing Amentoflavone. 

    PegaPump™: Coming from Peganum harmala, a plant also known as Syrian Rue. PegaPump™ utilizes very specific alkaloids such as Harmine, Harmaline, and Harmalol that promote vasorelaxation (the blood vessels becoming less constricted),increasing user blood flow.

    In addition to the pre-workout and pump benefits of PegaPump™, Syrian Rue has also been shown to support reduced blood pressure and peripheral resistance (the resistance the blood must overcome in order to flow) and peak flow rates out of the aorta. 

    Nitrosigine: this ingredient is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate that is scientifically engineered to deliver benefits that aid in your workout. Nitrosigine has been clinically studied for safety and efficacy in multiple studies. The results are in and Nitrosigine has been shown to increase N.O.-Nitric Oxide production (PUMPS), increased blood flow and focus and energy.

    VitaSport® Cherry: Provides a full complement of phytonutrients from United States grown tart cherries. These natural compounds have shown to work synergistically to increase antioxidant power and promote a healthy inflammatory response. This aids in helping to protect you against post-exercise muscle strength loss and soreness, as well as helps you recover faster after your workout.

    KannaEASE: This ingredient is an herb that has traditionally been used for its cognitive enhancing benefits, which include stress relief and promoting and improved sense of well-being throughout the body.

    S7®: is a blend of 7 plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels by up to 230%, now that is a serious increase! S7 works to increase the body's own N.O. production. Super Swole by CEL contains 100 mg's of S7 per serving thats 2X the amount used in the clinical studies showing the 230% nitric oxide increase. 

    AstraGin®: This natural ingredient carries a patent and is a comprised of highly fractionated Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng and was made to help enhance nutrient absorption.

    VASO6™: A very popular ingredient that it is included in many of the most popular pre-workout and pump products on the market. VASO6 delivers improved vascularity, pumps and overall endurance.


    Super Swole Capsules by CEL





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    Super Swole Capsules by Competitive Edge Labs Ingredients

    Super Swole Capsules by Competitive Edge Labs

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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